Philippe Lemey

  1. SPREAD is a user-friendly application to analyze and visualize phylogeographic reconstructions resulting from Bayesian inference of spatio-temporal diffusion. The source code of the current stable release is available here: SPREAD_v1.0.6.tgz.

  2. - Windows version: SPREAD

  3. - MacOS X SPREAD v1.0.6.dmg.

  4. An issue emerged for the continuous tree conversion to kml on MacOS  in version 1.0.6. This spread.jar provides a temporary solution: spread.jar

  5. - GNU Linux/Unix SPREAD_v1.0.6.tgz.

  6. SPREAD development is hosted on github.

  7. A tutorial on SPREAD is available here.

  1. Citation: Bielejec F., Rambaut A., Suchard M.A & Lemey P. SPREAD: Spatial Phylogenetic Reconstruction of Evolutionary Dynamics. Bioinformatics, 2011, 27(20):2910-2912. doi:10.1093

  1. Example input files:

  2. H5N1_HA_discrete_MCC.tre

  3. H5N1_HA_discrete_rateMatrix.log

  4. locationCoordinates_H5N1.txt

  5. RacRABV_cont_0.8_MCC_snyder.tre

  6. RacRABV_cont.trees

  1. SPREAD is included in the softpedia software database.

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