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Catholic Social Thought: Renovating The Tradition


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Auteur(s):  Francis P McHUGH
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This book is written at a time of radical moral thinking in connection with concrete problems of poverty, life issues and human rights. At the same time we have witnessed a growing interest in ethics in public life, as is evidenced in the setting up of many ethics committees in science, politics, business and finance institutions. At the level of theory, there has been a ?social turn? in theology, and not just in moral theology where it might be expected, but also in systematic theology. There has also been something of a ?theological turn? in social theory. These developments reflect in contemporary debate the inseparability of the concerns of postmodern philosophy with social theory and how both can be construed in relation to their ethical and theological impulse. The themes appear outstandingly in Milbank?s Beyond Secular Reason: Theology and Social Theory. This constellation of interests has always been central to debate in Catholic social thought, and this book arises quite naturally out of an intellectual climate in which these subjects have always been connected, but with a recognition that the tradition of Catholic social thinking has not kept up with modern developments to which, in fact, it was well-positioned to contribute.

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