ECTS Information Package/Course Catalogue

1. Information on the institution

Name and address of the institution:

KU Leuven
Naamsestraat 22
3000 Leuven


KU Leuven has a website in English for international students and scholars, featuring:

For more information on the degrees and programmes offered, see below.

2. Information on degree programmes

Information about the system of academic degrees at KU Leuven can be found on the education website..

Most study programmes in English are at the master's degree level.

For the convenience of international students, we provide English translations of the Dutch course descriptions.

When applicable, information about internships is listed at the appropriate place within the degree programme.

3. General information for students

The International Admissions and Mobility Unit forms the integral administrative body of the KU Leuven's policy for all its international students. It is responsibile for the administration of applications for enrolment from international applicants for all university programmes. It also takes charge of the administration of study grants awarded within the framework of development co-operation and exchange agreements or research activities and it administers the payments of these study grants. Finally, working in close co-ordination with other services within the university, this office is responsible for the reception of international students and guests. International students can find useful information in the brochure Travelling to Leuven.

International co-operation has always played an important part in KU Leuven's strategy and tradition. For more information about the international programmes in which the university participates, students can contact the International Office.

Living in Leuven is KU Leuven's practical guide for international students.

The university also provides a number of student services:

For more information about international programmes, see above.

Who’s who and where gives contact details of the most important administrative offices.

KU Leuven makes a special effort to provide all necessary facilities to students with special needs or disabilities. Students have to contact theDisability Team of Student Services for information, registration and needs assessment. Support and arrangements for facilities or reasonable adjustments will be organised by the disability officers of this team.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the International Admissions and Mobility Unit.