High-quality Education

KU Leuven offers high-quality education. Study programmes are research-based and organised within an innovative interdisciplinary framework. The programmes are flexible and use state-of-the-art ICT tools. The ECTS quality label guarantees that all credits obtained are transparent and fully transferable.

University’s vision and policy education and students

The vision on education is embedded in the global strategy of KU Leuven which focusses on the development of quality education. In particular, the vision of KU Leuven on (the objectives of) its education is written down in several basic documents:

  • The mission statement specifies that KU Leuven is active in three domains: research, education and services (16/03/1990, updated on 3/04/2012).
  • To the present day, KU Leuven had based its vision on education and educational approach on social-constructivism, a theory about the way in which people construct knowledge. The vision and policy plan education and students 2014-2017 includes this theory, but adds a new approach to learning. By focusing on higher education which addresses students concerning their plans for the future, we open up a source of motivation we did not explicitly appeal to so far. This new approach – in interaction with the broader academic context – contributes to the formation of students as individuals and also to the way in which they can contribute to society.

Quality assurance

KU Leuven develops a culture of appreciation of education and where educational quality assurance and enhancement is self-evident. This demands a persistent attention to quality assurance and enhancement. To strengthen the culture of quality KU Leuven focuses on explicating and further developing the quality care and enhancement policy with the vision as a starting point.