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Exchange programmes

Exchange students remain enrolled at their home university while spending a few months to a full academic year at KU Leuven, free of charge.

They take part in one of the European Commission’s educational programmes, such as Erasmus+. Others are visiting Leuven in the framework of an exchange agreement at faculty level between their home university and KU Leuven.

Academic requirements

General information and instructions for preparing your stay


  • “Learning Agreement for Studies”: “form” and “guidelines
  • “Learning Agreement for Traineeships”: “form” and “guidelines
  • Application for extension of the “Erasmus study” exchange period (Word & PDF)
  • Application for extension of the “Erasmus work placement” exchange period (Word & PDF)
  • Application for extension of the “exchange study period” (all other exchange students who are NO Erasmus students) (Word & PDF)

Information about courses for incoming exchange students

International guests who stay at KU Leuven are grouped into different categories based on the differences in residence status. More information about statuses.