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Visiting scholars

These are EEA and non-EEA citizens who are admitted to come to KU Leuven, with a scholarship or as self-supporting scholars, for a short programme, usually three months at the most, of studies and research, independent of any employment contract. Usually, such research is conducted within the context of the university’s bilateral agreements with other universities. Their status in KU Leuven is analogous to that of ‘guest’ and they must register as visiting scholar.

Non-EEA citizens must apply for a Schengen visa if a visa is required for citizens of their country; citizens of other countries exempted from a visa for a visit not exceeding three months need only present their valid passport. With a Schengen visa, visiting scholars may travel to the other Schengen countries, within the total period of three months. Upon arrival, they notify Leuven city hall and receive a declaration of arrival.

Academic requirements

Practical information for visiting scholars who have been admitted

International guests who stay at KU Leuven are grouped into different categories on the basis of the differences in residence status. More information about statuses.