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Cultural Players at KU Leuven

Commissie Cultuur/Culture Committee

The Culture Committee sets the course of KU Leuven’s cultural policy. In 2010, the new policy manifesto ‘From Creative Quality to Cultural Policy’ was presented. The text is premised on the concept of the ‘network university’ that commits to every facet of society, including in the cultural realm. A strategy has been developed in close cooperation with the City of Leuven, the other cultural players in Leuven and our partners in the KU Leuven Association (KHLeuven, Lemmensinstituut and Groep T) that aims
to organise a wider range of cultural activities in Leuven.
As of 2007, the KU Leuven Culture Prize is awarded bi-annually again. The Academic Heritage Committee and the Contemporary Art Committee were also founded on the initiative of the Culture Committee.
Cultural projects, policy manifesto, and general information: KU Leuven Culture Office, 016 320340

Leuvens Cultuurplatform – Leuven Culture Platform

The Leuven Culture Platform is a discussion forum in which the university, the Leuven University Colleges, the city and the various cultural centres can meet and engage one another. The Leuven Culture Platform’s mission aims to give shape to Leuven’s cultural space via cross-party projects and initiatives. In 2010, the members of the Culture Platform drew up a charter in which all the partners committed to establish far-reaching collaboration with respect to knowledge exchange, communications and the organisation of cultural events.

KU[N]ST Leuven vzw

KU[N]ST Leuven is a new non-profit organisation established by the city of Leuven and KU Leuven. In synergy with the partners of the Leuven Culture Platform, KU[N]ST Leuven aims to organise a ‘city-wide’ project on a specific theme with artistic, cultural, scientific and tourist activities every two years. The first project, in 2014, casts the spotlight on Andreas Vesalius, while the theme of the second, in 2016, will be Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’.,, 0489 292007

Alamire Foundation

The Alamire Foundation is an International Centre for the study of music in the Low Countries (especially 15th- and 16th-century polyphony), associated with the Research Unit of Musicology at KU Leuven. The centre also contributes to localising, inventorying, conserving and researching Flemish musical heritage. Since October 2011, the Alamire Foundation has been headquartered in the House of Polyphony.,, 016 328750, Central Library, Mgr. Ladeuzeplein 21, bus 5591 and House of Polyphony, Abdij van Park 1, 3001 Heverlee, 016 389285

Kunstpatrimonium KU Leuven – KU Leuven art patrimony

The Art Patrimony Office (Kunstpatrimonium) is responsible for the conservation and maintenance of the central art collections of KU Leuven. The collection consists of works of art of diverse kinds and origins, a large number of which are on permanent exhibition in public spaces and museum arrangements in various university buildings. There is also important and diverse academic heritage, including a collection of portraits of professors and an old didactic collection of African works of art.,, 016 324646, Mgr. Ladeuzeplein 21 bus 5595

Masteropleiding Culturele Studies – Cultural Studies Master’s Programme

The one-year Master’s programme in Cultural Studies offers students the opportunity to combine their first explorations of the professional field with academic insight thanks to the unique combination of an internship and Master’s thesis. The programme available in both English and Dutch.
Some of the programme’s highlights:
- Collaboration with the Literature and Culture Research Unit (Fac. of Arts) and
- Collaboration with the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography (
- Erasmus cooperation in the university’s LACE network,, 016 324846, Faculty of Arts, Blijde-Inkomststraat 21/03 bus 3311

MATRIX [Centrum voor Nieuwe Muziek] – MATRIX [Centre for New Music]

MATRIX’s core business is new, post-1950 music. In addition to wide-ranging educational operations and expertise in the field of contemporary musical heritage, MATRIX also has an extensive documentation centre containing more than 24,000 manuscripts and 13,000 audio recordings. The collection’s core consists of music from Flanders, but there is an equal focus on music from international contexts.,, 016 332043 of 0499 1 5451, Minderbroedersstraat 48

Geassocieerde Faculteit Architectuur – Associated Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture is KU Leuven’s youngest faculty and combines the Sint-Lucas College of Architecture academic programmes, which are now integrated in KU Leuven. Lectures and exhibitions are regularly organised at the Ghent and Brussels campuses.

Bijzondere Faculteit Kunsten – Special Faculty of Fine Arts

The Special Faculty of Fine Arts is part of the LUCA – School of Arts and combines the academic programmes of the Lemmensinstituut, Sint-Lucas Visual Arts Ghent, Sint-Lukas Brussels and the MAD-faculty - C-Mine Genk University Colleges.

Onderzoeksplatform in de Architectuur en de Kunsten (OPAK) – Research Platform for Architecture and Fine Arts (OPAK)

The OPAK stimulates innovative research in the arts and architecture and supports interdisciplinary research in these fields. OPAK’s operations are reinforced by a network of museums and cultural centres that support research in the fine arts and architecture.

prof. Ann Laenen, Dean of the Associated Faculty of the Arts,Koningsstraat 328, 1030 Brussel,