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Scheme dates ISP and IES

Schema data ISP en IER
When does what happen for my programme?

Below you can find a general overview of the different periods for the ISP and IES. There are two exceptions to this scheme:

- Late opening of the ISP

- No early planning of examinations





July / August / September

(Re-) Enrolment and allocation phase: ISP is not yet completed.

(Re-) Enrolment and allocation phase: IES is not yet completed.


Allocation period
(6/9 until 25/9)

  • Compulsory courses of the stage are marked
  • Possible actions:
    Mark courses and:
    -See your timetable
    -See your courses in Toledo
  • Only students with nothing but compulsory courses will be able to submit their ISP at this stage. *
  • It is only possible to view the examination times for the allocated courses

Registration period
(26/9 until 12/10 and 13/02 until 1/03)

  • Possible actions:same as the allocation period
  • Everyone can submit the ISP provided that an examination moment has been determined for each course unit in the ISP. *
  • It is possible to determine the examination times that were not allocated
  • It is possible to move the examination times for courses that were allocated (if this way the student is able to plan an elective course in his/her examination schedule)

*: ATTENTION: once the ISP has been submitted, it is final, regardless of the phase in which this occurs...


Late opening ISP

Some programmes or faculties choose not to enable the ISPs until later on. If this is the case, you will be informed by the faculty. The deadline for the opening of the ISP is September 26 (together with the IES).


No early planning of examinations

Some programmes do not plan their examination schedules in advance. These examinations are not planned until later on by the faculty, taking into account the previously scheduled examinations (e.g. in case you are in 2 programmes). The list of programmes without an early exam schedule can be found here.