Doctoral Scholarships provided by the Interfaculty Council for Development Cooperation (IRO)

Welcome to the Doctoral Scholarships Programme, managed by IRO!

As one of its contributions to development cooperation,every academic year KU Leuven selects exceptional students from developing countries as scholarship candidates to obtain their PhD from the largest university of Flanders, Belgium. The programme is managed by IRO, the University's Interfaculty Council for Development Cooperation. The aim is to give students the opportunity to do their full PhD research at KU Leuven; therefore, other types of agreement (e.g. sandwich programmes) are excluded from the programme.

Over the past ten years, the IRO Doctoral Scholarships Programme has supported more than a hundred PhD graduates.  Having obtained their doctoral degree from KU Leuven, the PhD holders are now utilising their expertise back in their home countries either at a university (by doing academic research), government bodies, civil society organisations or in various sectors of the industry.

KU Leuven is situated at about twenty kilometers from Brussels, the capital of both Belgium and Europe. It is the oldest university of the Low Countries. As such, it has a long-standing tradition of hospitality towards students and scholars from abroad. Currently, almost 7,000 international students (about 15% of the total number of students at KU Leuven) have found their home away from home in Leuven.