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Adding events to the university calendar

Log in

Go to the KU Leuven agenda and click on "Log in" at the bottom right on the page. Log in with your s- or u-number. After logging in, you should see a green editing bar on the page. 

If you can't login on this page, please get in touch with us

Adding an event

Click on "Add new..." in the green editing bar, and choose "Event"

Editing an Event

Please add all the details of the event in this form.

Note: Due to a small bug, the Event page descriptors will come up in Dutch. After saving the page, they will switch to English.

  • Titel/Title: The title will be shown in all overviews and on the homepage. Use it to announce the title of the event. Do not add dates or organisers to this field. Generally, it a good idea to following this formula for concise titles: [Type of event: 'Name of event']. e.g. Public lecture: 'How to add agenda items to the university calendar'
  • Beschrijving/Description: The subtitle. This is shown in the agenda overview. Tick the "show description on page" box if you want the subtitle to be shown on the event page.
  • Startdatum & Einddatum/ Event starts & Event ends:
    • An event can have the same start and end date.
    • If an event lasts all day, then enter 12:00 as the time. In this case, a specific time will not appear for the event.
  • Hoofdtekst van agenda item / Event body text: Add a description of the event. You are encouraged to use images and multimedia items.
  • Deelnemers / Participants: If the event is meant for a certain group of people, please describe the group here.
  • Naam, e-mail, telefoonnr / Name, e-mail, phone nr: Contact details of the organiser. Optional.
  • Locatie / Location: The location where the event will be held.
  • Change note: If you want to add a note to the moderator, you can do so here.


Click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. Your event is now finalised and will automatically be sent ot the moderator for review and publishing. 


If you have questions about this agenda and announcing events, please get in touch with us