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Pangaea: Where worlds meet


What does Pangaea do for you?

  • Orientation Days: KU Leuven organises Orientation Days for newly arrived students in September and February to help you get settled in Leuven and at the university.
  • Buddy Programme: Ask for a local buddy who can help you out upon arrival and during your stay.
  • Intercultural Meeting Centre: Lounge and bar where international and Belgian students can get together in an informal setting. If you become a member, you get free coffee and tea all year round.
  • Socio-cultural activities: Pangaea organises a wide variety of activities with lots of opportunities to get to know Belgium and to meet other students.

Pangaea Renovates: Join the competition!

What does your ideal meeting place in Pangaea look like? Post your idea by means of a picture, a sketch, a drawing, a description etc. The winning idea will be carried out in Pangaea.


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