Institute for Nanoscale Physics and Chemistry (INPAC)

Victor Moshchalkov

Arnout Ceulemans

Mark Van Der Auweraer
Chris Van Haesendonck
André Vantomme
Koen Clays
Peter Lievens
Andre Stesmans
Jozef Vanderleyden

Johan Vanacken
Scientific Secretary

The main task of the Institute for Nanoscale Physics and Chemistry (INPAC) is to investigate systematically the effect of nanostructuring and nanoscale confinement of charge, spin and photon on the electrical, magnetic optical and chemical properties of inorganic, organic and bio-materials in order to reveal the fundamental relation between quantized confined states and physical and chemical properties of these materials. This relation will form the basis of the new concept of "quantum design" through nanostructuring. The basic idea behind INPAC is to optimize the confinement pattern and the composition, which eventually would lead to the controlled quantum effects providing the desired physical and chemical properties of nanostructured materials and their superior functionality. Contact

Institute for Nanoscale Physics and Chemistry (INPAC)
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