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Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity - NES

New: Seventh International Conference on
Vortex Matter in Nanostructured Superconductors (VORTEX VII)

New: International Workshop on Mesoscopic Superconductivity & Vortex Imaging

Project Info:

Confined condensate and flux in superconductors will be investigated at nanoscale by using various confinement patterns introduced artificially in the form of individual nanoplaquettes, their clusters and huge arrays. The dependence of the quantization effects on the confinement length scale and the geometry will be studied. The boundary conditions, defining the confinement potential, will be tuned by using the hybrid superconductor/normal and superconductor/magnet interfaces in superconducting nanosystems. The evolution of superconductivity at nanoscale will be revealed by determining the size dependence of the superconducting critical temperature and the gap in mass selected clusters and nanog rains and also by studying superfluidity in different restricted geometries. Flux confinement by magnetic dipoles and other periodic pinning arrays in sup erconductors will be investigated. By tailoring the confinement, physical properties of the confined condensates and flux can be designed starting from the fund amental Ginzburg-Landau equations (including their generalization to two component order parameter) and applying them to the real samples with the boundary conditi ons imposed at the physical sample’s boundary. This research will reveal the fundamental relations between quantized confined states and the physical propert ies of the superconducting quantum coherent systems, which will be also of importance for other scientific fields (superconducting elements for quantum computing, nanoelectronics, hydrodynamics, liquid crystals, plasmas).

The ESF - NES Programme and similar programmes in Japan and USA form together Global Research Networking, Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity.

  • NES Coordinator Europe:
    Prof. Victor V. MOSHCHALKOV
    (68 European partners)
  • NES Coordinator Japan:
    Prof. Kazuo KADOWAKI
    (8 Japanese partners)
  • NES Coordinator USA:
    Prof. Wai K. KWOK
    (9 American partners)

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