Application procedure

1. Online application:

If you meet the eligibility conditions, you will need to complete the online application form accurately and fully. Please read the instructions carefully on how to download, fill in and send the application form.

  • For ‘Study and financing information’ select “IRO scholarship”. Applications received without this information will not be considered for the 2014-2015 IRO call.
  • Please follow the instructions about uploading PDF documents and sending the certified copies of diplomas and transcripts of records in hard copy.

Please note that the system only accepts one application form per faculty. Even though your research topic may be different and your prospective promoter may be different within the same faculty, you still can submit only one application for the first research topic and promoter, and you will have to contact the case administrator to inform her that you want to apply for a second topic and with a different promoter within the same faculty.

2. Documents to upload and submit:

  • The elaboration form of your Research Proposal signed by the appropriate professors. If you have chosen a research topic proposed by one of the KU Leuven Doctoral Schools, the promoter of that Research Topic does not need to sign your elaboration form. (Applicants who are already enrolled in a doctoral programme at KU Leuven will only need to prepare the detailed progress report as defined in their Doctoral School. The report must be signed by the promoter and the members of the examination committee of the doctoral student.)
  • Your personal motivation and the development relevance of your research proposal making use of this form. No other format will be admitted. Herein the applicant must explain how the research proposal can be approached and treated in a manner relevant to development cooperation.
  • Two letters of recommendation by persons other than your (prospective) promoter and local co-promoter, who are qualified to assess your academic capabilities. The two letters of recommendation should be submitted in sealed envelopes and sent directly by the referees to: IRO committee. International Admissions and Mobility, KU Leuven, Atrecht College, Naamsestraat 63 - bus 5410, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium before November 10th 2014.
  • Certificate of English proficiency, for instance a TOEFL score or an IELTS score or results of an equivalent test (only for new students who have not yet been enrolled at KU Leuven). The TOEFL or IELTS score should be sent to International Admissions and Mobility by ETS or by The British Council, respectively, before November 10th 2014.
  • Only for applicants for the doctoral programme in economics or applied economics: a GMAT or GRE score (for a GMAT score, please contact GMAC [code JQH7X51] and arrange for an original score card to be sent directly to International Admissions and Mobility by ETS or GMAC, respectively, before November 10th 2014.
  • Copies of applications for other scholarships, if any.

Any application that does not meet the requirements and any incomplete or late application will not be accepted.
KU Leuven does not acknowledge receipt of inadmissible applications.

All candidates will be informed of their results at the end of the selection process.