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General information   Laboratories
More information about the history of the Division of Molecular Medicine, Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine. Description of the group, what are our main research interests, scopes and policies.
Molecular Medicine is a collaboration between two research laboratories, each having its own specific technology platform.
Who works at Molecular Medicine?   Projects
Who is working in the Division of Molecular Medicine: the scientific, administrative and management people and co-workers (photo group).
List of Projects at National and European level and collaborations with other research institutes.
Job opportunities and vacancies   Student information

Opportunities: We are continuously looking for motivated PhD-students.

Vacancies (1): Please visit our new job page.


More information for students: general topics related to courses, information on lab interships or thesis work, etc...

Research collaborations and scientific services   Contact

Molecular Medicine welcomes new opportunities for collaboration with Industry and Academic Research Institutes.
Lentiviral vector production: please contact Dr. Ibrahimi or Dr. Gijsbers.

  Contact address and information.




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