Expertise onderzoeker VAN HOUTTE PAUL

Beschrijving expertise :
"Metals forming" Work hardening during forming of metals Bulk and sheet material forming processes: calculation of forces, stresses and strains; formability Development of microstructure, crystallographic texture and internal stresses during the plastic deformation of polycrystalline materials (metals, polymers, ceramics) Mathematical modelling of the plastic deformation of polycrystalline materials.
Beschrijving technieken :
As an important center for education and research in materials engineering, the department of metallurgy and materials engineeering (MTM) houses most of the classical equipment and techniques in its infrastructure, which is accessible to all MTM-reserachers. More specifically, the research unit "Metals Forming" is also specialized in : Microstructural analysis (SEM, TEM, texture analysis) Mechanical tests (cold and hot torsion, sheet formability, hot impact tests, tensile tests Measurement of residual stresses by means of X-ray diffraction Hot extrusion (315 ton)
Beschrijving gebruikers :
Industrial producers and consumers of materials Governmental services Insurance companies and consultancy offices Teaching and research institutes.

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