Katholieke Universiteit Leuven squamous cell cancer invading mandible laryngopharyngeal liposarcoma rhabdomyosarcoma University Hospitals Leuven

The 6th Leuven Course on Head and Neck Cancer Imaging
June 15-17, 2017
Leuven, Belgium

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Robert Hermans

The aim of this course is to review the diagnostic value of imaging studies in head and neck malignancies, and to show the impact of such studies on patient management. Starting from normal radiological anatomy, the imaging characteristics of the different tumoral lesions occurring in this complex body region will be reviewed; the relative value of the different available imaging modalities will be explained. Particular attention will be paid to pertinent findings that potentially alter patient treatment. The role of radiology in patient surveillance after treatment for head and neck cancer will be reviewed. Apart from lectures, practical teaching will be done during workshops, where the participants will have the opportunity to test and expand their knowledge by reviewing clinical cases, with direct feedback from the teachers.

This course is fully booked!