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Open Access

Beschrijving: Beschrijving: Open AccessOpen Access strives to provide fast, world-wide dissemination of research results at no cost, while retaining authors' copyrights. This increased access means enhanced visibility, impact and use of researchers' published work. Are you a researcher?


Lirias (Leuven Institutional Repository and Information Archiving System) is the institutional repository of the KU Leuven Association. Research output (metadata and uploaded files) are archived, indexed and (in some cases) digitally distributed.


BibliometricsUsing mathematical and statistical methods, bibliometrics investigate the way in which knowledge is developed and distributed.
One of its applications is the quantification of research output for evaluation purposes and policy support, making use of an array of indicators (most commonly publications, citations, patents, PhD’s etc.). The BOF-allocation model (ECOOM) and the bibliometric section of applications with the Special Research Fund (BOF) of the KU Leuven make use of this type of analysis.

Research Data Management

PublishingGood research data are the basis for good research. At the basis of good research data is a data management plan. This plan is shaped by an institutional research data policy.

As of December 2014 KU Leuven has taken initiatives supporting good data management practices. These initiatives will be continuously evaluated and updated. It is expected that as a result of feedback from all stakeholders (first and foremost researchers) and technical and methodological developments in the field, over time new services will be developed or widened in scope.

Take a look at the RDM website to see what KU Leuven is doing in terms of research data management (RDM). More


PublishingPublishing (“traditionally” or digitally) is a commitment of every researcher. It is the only way to communicate research to peers and to a wider audience. Publications are also a key factor in the evaluation of individual or departmental research output.
The KU Leuven Association has developed a list of predefined publication categories (pdf). The bibliometric section of applications with the Research Coordination Office makes use of these same categories. While until recently output indexed in the Web of Science was specifically taken into account, the Vlaams Academisch Bibliografisch Bestand (VABB) now provides an additional validated database for the Arts & Humanities and the Social Sciences.

In order to guarantee that KU Leuven publications are identified in various databases, it is mandatory to mention a correct KU Leuven address. Some basic rules are explained here.  


RankingsRankings constitute another application in which bibliometrics play a substantial role. Institutes are ranked based on a number of factors, in which research output figures large. However, the scientific value of rankings is debated and it is advised to use the results with caution.