Industry and society

Research valorisation

A university is a source of innovative research, but valuable research results and knowledge often go untapped. Research valorisation – creating economic and social value through research – is becoming increasingly important and should be encouraged, always with due respect to the freedom of the researcher. Various funding channels are available for research valorisation. Leuven Research and Development (LRD) coordinates knowledge and technology transfer at KU Leuven.

Policy Research Centre Programme (Steunpunten)

Research Centre ProgrammeThe inter-university consortia listed below, organised under the 2012-2015 Policy Research Centre Programme, conduct policy-relevant research in fields and subjects of priority importance to the Flemish Government. The programme is financed with structural funds from the Flemish Government and has an annual budget of approximately 14 million euro. KU Leuven researchers lead or participate in 19 of the Policy Research Centre Programme’s consortia.

The Industrial Research Fund

The Industrial Research Fund (IOF) provides support to researchers at institutions within the KU Leuven Association for innovative research of both industrial and societal importance. The IOF serves as an internal catalyst and bridge-builder for research initiatives with a clear valorisation trajectory.


Leuven.Inc (Leuven Innovation Networking Circle) is a multidisciplinary networking platform for growing technology companies in the Flemish region and beyond.  Leuven.Inc organises a wide range of themed events, seminars and entrepreneur gatherings, and aims to create an innovative network for the cultivation of valuable partnerships.

Other organisations