Vision and policy

Six Challenges

Lilian SchoofsThere is a growing awareness within the public and political arenas of the crucial importance of scientific research in safeguarding the prosperity of our society. Investing in Science and Innovation is of paramount importance to guarantee economic growth, health and social welfare both in Flanders and across the globe (VRWI). Flanders should exploit its largest asset, knowledge, as a source for economic and societal innovation. The emerging modern knowledge society requires steps to be taken now to ensure that our university is equipped with the capacity to respond to this evolution.

  • Challenge 1: Continued investments in excellent research
  • Challenge 2Financial and logistic support for young talents
  • Challenge 3Simplified financing modalities
  • Challenge 4: Internationalisation of research
  • Challenge 5: Scientific integrity
  • Challenge 6: Visibility of KU Leuven research

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