Vision and policy

KU Leuven is a research-intensive university in the European Research Area that strives to carry out high-quality research and thus to take its place among the best universities in Europe. 

Research at KU Leuven is the indispensable basis for education and societal outreach. A crucial consequence of this is the presence of a very wide variety of scientific disciplines, all explored with due respect for both academic freedom and researcher initiative. It is this comprehensive and multidisciplinary foundation that forms the criteria and impetus for excellence. 
Additionally, KU Leuven endeavours to be active at the forefront of – and take a leading role in – a number of key disciplines.

KU Leuven's research policy covers a broad spectrum, from non-applied, fundamental research to focalised societal outreach. KU Leuven plays a key role in strengthening these and other innovation chains.

To fulfil its manifold goals, KU Leuven’s research policy focuses on:

  • educating and stimulating young researchers
  • creating critical mass and funding security in support of cutting-edge research
  • internationalisation of researchers and research through the promotion of international competition, mobility, networking and cooperation
  • renewing research by maximising opportunities, freedoms and stimulation
  • creating economic and social value through research