Postdoctoral researcher

Youreca Challenge 2013

Perspectives on your research and career
3 February 2015


  • Research Foundation Flanders - FWO
    • Visiting postdoctoral fellowships (3-12 months) to support FWO research projects and scientific research networks.
    • PhDs can reach an internationally recognized level as postdoctoral fellows (3 years; renewable). They can also obtain a travel grant for congresses and short or long stays abroad.
    • Clinicians, working at the University Hospital, can be granted halftime research mandates as senior clinical investigators.
    • Operating and equipment credits for personal research for young and/or established researchers.

Candidates should get in touch with a scientific supervisor (senior researcher) to see what research opportunities are available and to prepare their application (see also ‘KU Leuven research database’).

Candidates for the grants/fellowships mentioned below should get in touch with a scientific supervisor (senior researcher) to see what is available in terms of research opportunities and to prepare their application.

  • Institute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders (IWT) . IWT offers post-doctoral fellowships in science and technology. Posts usually last one or two years and are entirely financed by IWT. In this way, promising projects are encouraged and the transfer of research results to industry is stimulated.
    • Scientific qualifications of the candidate
    • Qualitative content of the research work
    • Industrial opportunities

      The researcher is advised during the research work by a scientific and an industrial supervisor. For further information: please get in touch with your scientific supervisor. See also IWT.