Expertise researcher CLAEYS CORNEEL

Description expertise :
- Evaluation of the cryogenic behaviour of their technologies. - Support in the design of cryogenic circuits.
Description expertise techniques :
For space applications, device operation at low temperature (i.e. liquid nitrogen or liquid helium) is essential so that the research at IMEC is devoted to the fabrication of cryogenic CMOS electronic circuits. This research was aimed at a better under- standing of the low temperature device operation in order to develop improved or new models to explain typical low temperature effects such as the kink phenomen and trancient effects. Dedicated CMOS technologies (down to 0.35 µm geometries) for cryogenic applications are characterised and available for prototyping activities. Operation in a space environment is also studied.
Description expertise users :
IC manufacturers with applications in space.


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Expert number:nbsp;X3942