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System-level Exploration for Memory and Power (SEMP) group activities: For most advanced real-time multimedia processing applications (video, imaging, telecom), the manipulation of complex data has major or even dominant effect on the cost of the global system, also when compiled to (parallel) multi-media processors like the Philips TriMedia, Ti C60 or C80, Chromatic/Mpact and even on general-purpose processors with multi-media extensions like the Intel MMX. This is mainly due to the large impact of the memory organisation and the global dta transfer between processor storage and data-path units, both on the cycle count and the system power consumption.
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- System architecture designers for real-time processing systems in the areas of image/video processing, speech, telecommunica- tion (network and user-end): emphasis on storage organisation and communication (busses...) for custom or embedded (parallel) processor realisation. - System algorithm designrs who explore alternative algorithms in the domain specified above: emphasis on feedback from system realisation.


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