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, member of research team Associated Section of ESAT - INSYS, Integrated Systems
Novel transistor concepts with germanium, III-V semiconductors and silicon.
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The aim of the postdoctoral project is to investigate the available options to enhance micro- and nano-electronics technology beyond traditional scaling. Rather than dimension scaling, further improvements can be obtained by “performance scaling”, where the technology improvement is obtained by changing the properties of the transistor channel. Using semiconductors with intrinsically better mobilities than silicon, such as germanium, or III/V semiconductors like Al1-xGaxAs and In1-xGaxAs, in MOS transistors may lead to a technology with better performance than standardsilicon.A second research topic of the proposed project is the study of alternative transistor concepts with germanium, III/V-semiconductors and silicon. The purpose of this project is to investigate which new device structures can use the properties of different semiconductors in an optimal way.
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01.10.2007 - 30.09.2013

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