Doctoral research project

Person in charge of the project:
CLAEYS CORNEEL, member of research team Associated Section of ESAT - INSYS, Integrated Systems
Contact Technology for the On-Chip Integration of Ge and III-V Compoundsfor Advanced Microelectronics Applications
Project summary:
One of the driving forces of the technological revolution that the world has seen in the last few decades has been the continuous aggressive scaling of Si-based transistor dimensions. Following Moore’s Law, scaling both decreases production costs and simultaneously increases performanceand computational power of integrated circuits which have enabled many technological applications essential in our everyday life. It is expected that this scaling will hit its limits in the coming years, and therefore new materials are being researched to replace Si and allow continuation of scaling. Among the materials of interests, special attention is given to high-mobility semiconductors such as III-As, Ge. Especially for applications in low power logic, intrinsic features of these materials are potentially ideal to enhance the performances of MOSFET devices and in turn exceed Si limitations. For this to occur however, it is mandatory to develop a method to integrate these new materials into the existing Si process technology platform.
ph.D student :
Faculty of Engineering Science
Doctoral Programme in Engineering Science (Leuven)

ph.D defence : 09.07.2014
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