Doctoral research project

Person in charge of the project:
LAUWEREINS RUDY, member of research team Associated Section of ESAT - INSYS, Integrated Systems
Low Power Micro-Architecture-Technology Exploration
Project summary:
Title: Low power micro-architecture-technology exploration Abstract:One of the most important aspects while scaling down to 20nm and 14nm is the skew in the relative importance of wires and their RC compared to that of devices. With the possible introduction of FinFETs the relative importance of wires in the design for both timing closureas well as for power consumption is amplified. This thesis will focus on techniques for modifying the micro-architecture and the design flow oflow power processors in such a way that the wire lengths are reduced aswell as the high activity wires are kept local with a limited RC delay.This may involve the use of customized libraries like design-ware/chip-ware but annotated with placement/locality information of the different cells instead of just a pure gate-level netlist. The thesis would also investigate various what-if studies of various technology options and their impact on designs.
ph.D student :
Faculty of Engineering Science
Doctoral Programme in Engineering Science (Leuven)