Doctoral research project

Person in charge of the project:
LAUWEREINS RUDY, member of research team Associated Section of ESAT - INSYS, Integrated Systems
Dynamic Resource Allocation and Self-Organizing Signalling Optimisation in LTE-A Downlink
Project summary:
Phase 1 (1 year): - establishing adjacent channel and co-channel interference scenario: the impact of SON on the interference; further SoA study on SON and dis- tributed cell planning - Study SoA on ideal SR solutions (and SDR solutions), trade-offs between analog and digital basedon SoA and internal discussions Phase 2 (2 years): - Model the analogand digital trade-offs, propose an ideal SR architecture and the trade-offs therein (based on typical adjacent and co-channel in- terference from phase 1) Phase 3 (1 year): - Writing of thesis, final phase
ph.D student :
Faculty of Engineering Science
Doctoral Programme in Engineering Science (Leuven)