Doctoral research project

Person in charge of the project:
VERSCHUEREN KARINE, member of research team School Psychology and Child and Adolescent Development
Development of academic self-concept: Further testing and refinement of the big-fish-little-pond effect model
Project summary:
The goal of this research project is to further test and refine the Big-Fish-Little-Pond (BFLP) model (Marsh, 1987). In this model Marsh (1987)states that students develop their academic self-concept based on the comparison between their own academic achievement and the academic achievement of important reference groups in their school environment. Specifically, our goal is to fill some important gaps in BFLP-research by (1) further exploring the link between the BFLP-effect and insights from social psychology, (2) paying attention to possible moderators of the BFLP-effect, (3) using data from longitudinal research, which provides us withthe opportunity to find out if changes in reference groups (e.g., schools or classes) correspond with similar changes in students' academic self-concept, and (4) examining the relative importance of different simultaneously occurring reference groups for the development of academic self-concept.
ph.D student :
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
Doctoral Programme in Psychology (Leuven)

ph.D defence : 21.05.2013
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