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Person in charge:
Prof. dr. ir. Swevers Jan

Research team:
Senior academic staff members:  9.45 VTE
Junior academic staff members:  0.00 VTE
Administrative and technical staff members: 5.40 VTE
Scientific staff members:93.20 VTE
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PRODUCTION PROCESSES : Influence of machining processes on material properties (grinding, EDM). Filament winding of composites. Electro-discharge machining (wire-EDM and sinking). Five-axis milling. Rapid prototyping (stereolithography Selective laser sintering and other material accretion manufacturing. MACHINE DESIGN : Design of externally pressurized hydrostatic and aerostatic bearings. Design of multi-component force-torque sensors for robotics and automotive applications. Design of tactile sensors for object recognition. Design of a grain flow meter. Nonlinear static analysis with finite element method. STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS : Experimental and numerical methods for vibration analysis. Optimization of dynamic models. Life time estimation of dynamically loaded structures. Study of non-linearities in mechanical structures. Holographical vibration measurement. Experimental and numerical methods for vibration analysis. Linear and nonlinear finite element analysis. Fatigue prediction. Finite element model updating. Optimaldesign. Boundary element analysis. Intelligent mesh generation. Active vibration control. ACOUSTICS AND NOISE ABATEMENT : finite element and boundary element analysis. Active noise cancellation. Dominant noise source identification in transport vehicles. Experimental and numerical methods for noise analysis. Active noise and vibration control. CAM/CAD/CIM : CAD interfaces. CAD modelling from physical workpiece. Die and mould design. CAM for five axes milling. CAD/CAPP/CAM for EDM. CAD/CAM software for rapid prototyping. Development of a FMS-cell controller. Flexible process planning systems (CAPP). CAD-based programming of FMS. Reactive scheduling and real-time control of flexible assembly systems. ROBOTICS/MECHATRONICS : SImulation/development of sensor- controlled robots. Calibration of robots. Advance robot control systems. Development of a generic flexible assembly cell. Control of flexible robots/structures. Electrical steering system for cars. Compliant motion control and task specification. High level off-line robot programming. Control and navigation of mobile robots. Design of motion control systems. System identi-fication. Analysis of mechanisms. METROLOGY : Measurement of free-form surfaces on CMM. 3D-metrology. Surface roughness measurements. Robot metrology. Calibration of coordinate measuring machines (CMM).>

Research projects of research team Production Engineering, Machine Design and Automation (PMA) Section


De tele-chirurg.
Research and valorisation of micro and precision technology.
Systematic approach of the design and production of hydraulic microsystems.
DiRaMaP: Direct Rapid Manufacturing of Metallic and Ceramic (customised) Parts for industrial and Me...
Dimensionele meettechnologie: waardegenerator in de productie.
Characterisation of the spatial variability in the mechanical properties of textile composites by mu...
Optimal point-to-point motion control of machine tools.   
From generic towards subject-specific musculoskeletal and musculotendon models for simulation of hum...
Numerical methods for accurate auralisation and evaluation of the binaural human perception of broad...
Master of engineering in Sound & Vibration.
Global real-time optimal control of autonomous robot and mechatronic systems.   ...
Monitoring and control of process-material interaction in laser manufacturing processes.&nbsp...
Smart Catheterization.
Optimal design of repetitive and iterative learning controllers for systems with uncertain parameter...
New production technologies of complex 3D Micro-devices through multiprocess integration of ultra pr...
Autonomous manipulation using a flying robot.
SILASOL: New Silicon Materials for Solar Applications.
CAE methodologies for Mid-Frequency analysis in vibration and acoustics.
ESTOMAD. Energy Software Tools for Sustainable Machine Design.
POM: Prognostics for Optimal Maintenance.
Bayesioan estimation techniques, probabilistic relation models, higher-level knowledge representatio...
SUPERPANELS: Strengthening and Upholding the Performances of the new Engineered Research PANELS.
DEMAT: A multi-technological approach for Dematerialising the production systems within a view of pr...
NEG CAll: Factories of the Future.
Fundamental investigations into high-precision computed tomography of multi-material objects in view...
TIRE-DYN: Experimental and Numerical Analyses of the Dynamic Behavior of Rolling Tires in order to I...
Finite-time tracking of robot manipulators under actuator saturation: theory and experiments.
Modeling of complex time-varying dynamical systems.
Predictive ELID process for high-efficiency damage-free grinding.
High power 450 kV CT scanner for dimensional quality control.
Smart & Efficient - BHD research from subjective to objective operations.
Eco2-Cut: Ecological and Economical Machining.
Development, validation and commercial exploration of innovative body flexibility modeling and model...
Design sensitivity analysis for vibro-acoustic analysis in the mid-frequange using the wave based me...
Autonomous active vibration control and structural health monitoring.
IMESCON – Innovative Methods of Separated Flow Control in Aeronautics.
3D Additive Manufacturing of Electrical and Electronic Applications.
Efficient simulation methodologies to cope with variability and uncertainty in mid-frequency dynamic...
A multidisciplinary approach to the development of an active aerostatic spindle with nanometer accur...
HI-MICRO - High Precision Micro Production Technologies.
Effective Structural Health Monitoring with additive manufacturing (eSHM with AM).
GRESIMO: Best Training for Green and Silent Mobility.

FlowAirS: Silent air flows in transport, buildings and power generation.
ANADE: Advances in Numerical and Analytical tools for DEtached flow prediction.   &nb...
PAM: the Physics of Acoustic Materials.
Minimizing Defects in Micro-Manufacturing Applications.
Application of efficient wave based prediction techniques for poroelastic media.
European Robotics Coordination action.
Integratie van piëzoelektrische en vibro-akoestische modellen voor verbeterd virtueel producton...
INTERACTIVE: INnovative concept modelling TEchniques for multi-attRibute optimization of ACTIve VEhi...
State Estimation in Vehicle Component Models using Multibody Systems.
MARE-WINT: new MAterials and REliability in offshore WINd Turbines technology.
 eLiQuiD - Best engineering training in electric, lightweight and quiet driving.

Development of a general framework for precise control of continuum robots and application to endova...

Resonance supported actuation of reciprocating mechanisms.
Bewegingsherkenning van onvervormbare lichamen gebruiik makend van een invariante bewegingsbeschrijv...
EMVeM: Energy efficiency Management for Vehicles and Machines.
MIRAD - An integrated Methodology to bring Intelligent Robotic Assistive Devices to the user.
ENLIGHT: ENhanced LIGHTweight design.
ALIVE: Advanced high volume affordable LIghtweighting for future electric VEhicles.
OPTIWIND: serviceability OPTImisation of the next generation offshore WIND turbines.
Vesalius Dynamical Platform: Prototypes and Interfaces for Minimal Invasive surgery .
Vermoeiingsanalyse van proefstukken die vervaardigd zijn met laagsgewijze productietechnieken.
ALARM: Low noise design methodology for rotating machines.
IDEALVENT: Integrated design of optimal ventilation systems for low cabin and ramp noise.
HEV-NVH: A new generation of NVH methods for hybrid and electric vehicles.
Advanced STRuctural Acoustics for lightweight structures and Advanced materials.
Enabling power supply for zero-damage micro-EDM machining
BATWOMAN: Basic Acoustics Training - & Workprogram On Methodologies for Acoustics - Network...

Efficient theoretical and numerical prediction techniques for the design and dynamic...

Development of on-line coupled state/input/parameter estimation techniques for flexi...

Integrated framework for a cost-effective and ease of Repair, Renovation and Re-use of machine tools...
MODRIO: MOdel DRIven physical system Operation.
COST TU1105 – NVH analysis techniques for design and optimization of hybrid and electric vehicles.
Advanced modeling for the next-generation of compressor designs.
DEMETRA: DEsign of MEchanical TRAnsmissions: Efficiency, Noise and Durability Optimization.
Robotics Coordination Action for Europe. 

Additive manufacturing of engineering ceramics.

Large area tactile and kinaesthetic display system for virtual reality palpation.

Study and development of an integrated system identification and control design appr...

Characterisation and modelling of the variability of mechanical properties of natura...

Metamaterials for vibro-acoustic attenuation
MBSE4Mechatronics: Model based System Engineering methodology for mechatronic systems. 
Effect simulation methodologies to cope with variability and uncertainty in mid-frequency dynamic an...
Advanced hybrid approaches for dynamic load identification on lifetime critical components in r...
Added-Value Manufacturing
BioMeTIOm : Bio-Medical Applications of Incremental Forming
Introduction of new Master program and Doctoral courses in Mechatronics in Uzbekistan.
Active resonant metamaterials as a robust and adaptive lightweight solution of noise control enginee...
Image-guided intrauterine minimally invasive fetal diagnosis and therapy.
Establishing and Transferring Enabling Technology for New Micro-surgical Therapies – application to ...

Multi-axial fatigue analysis of additive manufactured materials.

Advanced training and research in Energy Efficient Smart Structures (ANTARES).
TEMPO - Training in Embedded Predictive Control and Optimization.
FOCUS: Factory of the Future Clusters

MNVH: Design and analysis of the NVH behavior of lightweight panel and material systems using advanc...
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Verbeterde test en toestandsbewaking strategieën door combinatie van metingen en virtuele model...
Precision micro manufacturing technologies for advanced engineering application.
B-spline based certificates of positivity with applications in engineering.
CargoCopter: optimized design and control of a vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle...
Novel condition monitoring and control for reliable operations of offshore wind turbines.
AMPRODCHAIN: Integrated production chain for Additive Manufacturing of structural applications in po...
NONWOVEN: Self-reinforced & Hybrid nonwoven materials for novel lightweight and cost-effici...
MICROMAN: European Training Network on "Process Fingerprint for Zero-defect Net-shape MICROMANufactu...
Biomimetic ciliary propulsion using flexible pneumatic microactuators
Development of an integrated modelling approach to study the interaction between joint contact geome...
High-speed air-bearing systems through active damping
VIPER: VIbro-acoustics of PERiodic media.

Ontwikkeling van een hoge-nauwkeurigheid, compacte sterrensensor.

ITEAM: Interdisciplinary Training Network in Multi-Actuated Ground Vehicles

Doctoral projects of research team Production Engineering, Machine Design and Automation (PMA) Section


"Development of a fuzzy finite-element method for static analysis"
Multi-assig ultrasoon bewerken van keramische componenten.
Hybrid coupling of element, wave and energy based prediction techniques for broadband structural dyn...
A mechatronic analysis of teleoperation for surgical applications.
Tool Path Planning and Generation for Multi-Axis Milling
Development of time estimation models for die sinking EDM
Opstellen van een flexibel dynamisch multibody model voor een windturbinetandwielkast
Development and Validation of Hybrid FE-SEA Simulation Techniques for Mid-Frequency Vibro-Acoustics
Adaptronic Elements for Active Control of Mechatronic Systems
Acoustic Impedance and Propagation Analysis of Flow-Acoustic Instabilities
Gedeelde controle bij een mobiele manipulator
Design of a metrological atomic force microscope.
Integration of damping in wave based simulation models for mid-frequency vibro-acoustic analysis and...
Online route optimization for complex mechatronic systems.
Iteratief lerende controle voor sterk niet-lineaire systemen
Optimal control of pneumatic motion systems
Hybrid methodologies for vehicle dynamics system simulation
Actieve 2-poort modellering voor de aëro-akoestische karakterisatie van industriële uitlaa...
Electrical discharge machineable ceramic composites
Ontwerp en bouw van een snelle uitleescamera en het focaal vlak voor de Mercator telescoop en voor d...
Damage-free workpiece gripping technology for micromanufacturing of optical elements
Multi-sensor motion capture via fusion of vision and inertial sensors
Novel SMA composites and integration into Microsystems
Onderzoek naar gevordere productie en controleprocessen
Rapid manufacturing van metaal- en keramiekcomponenten
Microvalves for high-performance micro-cooling
Design of a flapping wing Micro Air Vehicle
Ontwerp van een ultra-precieze ELID-slijpmachine
Nauwkeurigheid van industriële computer tomografie voor dimensionele meettechniek
Model Based Engineering for hard real-time machine control and robotics
Prognostic on machine elements
Ontwerp en prodcutie van scaffolds voor tissue enginee
Development of accelerated durability tests for large mechanical components based on scaling laws
Development of an artificial optical skin based on phtonic crystal fibers
Influence of Parameter Uncertainties on the Dynamic Behaviour of Honeycomb Sandwich Panels
Real-Time Moving Horizon Estimation for Advanced Motion Control
Vibro-acoustic Analysis of Lightweight Structures
Aeroacoustic Noise Source Identification
Learning control of mechatronic systems
Autonome manipulatietaken met een vliegende robot
Development of advanced motion control algorithms for industrial servo controllers.
Numerieke methodes voor de accurate voorspelling van de menselijke perceptie van akoestische emissie...
Integratie van model predictive controle in het ontwikkelingstraject van voertuigen
Ontwikkeling en validatie van systeem-niveau modelreductietechnieken voor real-time multibody-simula...
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The effect of body flexibility on vehicle dynamics behaviour
Identificatie van de parameters van het spier-pees model voor simulatie van menselijke beweging
Optimal point-to-point motion control of machine tools
Plug-in adaptronic modules for dynamic errror compensation in high performance machines
The use of a Wave Based prediction method for mid-frequency vibro-acoustic analysis of industrially ...
Quality improvement in additive manufacturing
Energy Efficiency Analysis of Mechanical Components
Eigenbeweging- en configuratiebepaling bij flexibele, encoderloze robots op basis van visuele inform...
Design and analysis of micro-accelerometers
Bayesian networks for multi-dimensional waveform recognition, applied to human motion estimation and...
Characterisation of acoustic liner impedance in representative turbofan engine flight environment
Reduction techniques for smart vibro-acoustic system models
Optimization of the Accuracy of Industrial Computer Tomography for Dimensional Metrology of Multi-ma...
control of an autonomous flying manipulator
hip orthosis
Development of a precision active aerostatic spindle
3D Micro Additive Manufacturing
Design of robust feedback controllers for linear paramater varying (LPV) systems
Composable and Embeddable Software Design for Robotic and Cyber PhysicalSystems
Semi-analytical Methodologies for Airfoil Noise Prediction
Improved Periprosthetic Fixation of Orthopedic Implants Using Novel SLM Techniques.
Process Planning for Economical and Ecological Machining
Development of an ultra-precision measurement system for machine tools.
Design and implementation of a low cost attitude determination and control system with novel star tr...
Development and validation of a wave based technique for forward and inverse simulation of vibro-aco...
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Microactuators: Research and Development.
Highly accurate, fast, and powerful multi mode piezo positioning systems to support manufacturing of...
Quality improvement of textile composites by characterisation of the spatial variability in the mech...
virtual prototyping for vibro-acoustic assessment of windturbine drivetrains
Embedded optimization for motion control
Investigation of the Accuracy of an X-ray CT Scanner for Dimensional Metrology with the Aid of Simul...
Optimale controle van verankerde vliegtuigen
. (joint PhD with USP)
Reduction of gear vibrations in mechanical transmission by active control methods
Haptic feedback with active contstraints in MIS
Selectief Laser Smelten voor metaalsoorten
Samenstelbare software voor robots: implementatie van bewegingsbeperkte hybriede dynamica op basis v...
Stochastic Wave Based Formulation for the Vibro-Acoustic Analysis of Structures with Uncertainties ...
Non-contact dimensional measuring techniques
Quasi-static and fatigue delamination modelling for carbon fibre reinforced woven laminates: Investi...
Non-modal model reduction schemes for vibro-acoustic simulation
Thermo-mechanical study of hot spot related reliability issues in advanced IC packaging
Active Sensing for Object Localisation using Embedded Robot Sensors
Experimental studies of hypersonic laminar to turbulent boundary layer transition in a high Enthalpy...
Cutting fundamentals of a new wafering technology
Optimalisatie en versnellen van SLM
Aeroacoustic design and analysis of advanced light-weight liner configurations for sound attenuation...
Structural tyre noise reduction through optimized tyre structure design
Precision manufacturing for new and better products.
Optimal Robot Path Following Fast Solution Methods for Practical Non-convex Applications
High-efficiency Precision Micro Electrical Discharge Machining Technology
Online Coordination and Composition of Robotic Skills: Formal Models forContext-aware Task Schedulin...
Non-linear model based control
Large Area Tactile and Kinaesthetic Display System for Remote Palpation
Models for the Design of Multi-Functional Material Configurations
Interative Learning Control for Multi-Variable Systems
Methodology to perform numerical simulation for vibration analysis in the mid-high frequency range o...
Efficient Multibody Simulations of Three-Dimensional Gear Contact
Efficient vibro-acoustic simulations using isogeometric analysis and its hybrid coupling with the wa...
Interval approaches to include non-determinism in midfrequency vibro-acoustic models.
ANADE project - Implementation of a High Order Linearized Euler Equations Solver to Describe Noise P...
Optimalisatie van een quadrotor naar maximale autonomie
Modelling of Damage in Wind Turbine Blades
FlowAirS (Silent Air Flows in transport, building and power generation)
eLiQuiD - Best engineering training in electric, lightweight and quiet driving
System-level flexible multibody modelling for accurate bearing load assessment in industrial machine...
Wind turbine gearbox noise assessment by means of optimized test-rig measurement methodology
Structural health of dynamically loaded adhesive joints for aeronautics applications
Development of Hybrid Components using Additive Manufacturing 

Electrical bicycle use:safety and mobility impact monitoring and modeling
Design and Control of Continuum Robots for Minimal Invasive Surgical Applications
implementation of a high order linearized Euler equations solver to describe noise propagation
Effective mid-frequency trim design for automotive application
Advanced physical models for the monitoring and control of mechatronic drive trains.
Marie Curie ESR position in the eLiQuiD project - Dynamic source modelling of electric vehicle compo...
Ontwikkeling van hogesnelheidsluchtlagers voor hogetemperatuurtoepassingen
A framework for advanced quantitative measurements in the clinical workflow for movement disorders.
Integrated electro-mechanical wind-farm design and cost reduction accounting for atmospheric variabi...
Dynamic and semantic world models for distributed mobile manipulation robots
Novel Simulation Techniques for Vibro-acoustic Analysis of Lightweight Structures
Global identification methods for linear parameter varying (LPV) systems
Use of high-fidelity physical models in coupled state/input/parameter estimation of mechatronic syst...

Operational Modal Analysis Challenges in Case of Rotating

Strain-Based Experimental Modal Analysis: Advances in Theory and Practice
Selective Laser Melting of advanced materials
Additive manufacturing van kermaische componenten
Micro-Mechano-Electrochemical Milling
Ontwikkeling van een modelleerplatform voor performantieanalyse van gesloten kring systemen in voert...
Constraint-based intelligent control of a bilateral lower-limb exoskeleton.
Combining acoustic sensor data with physical models for virtual sensing in dynamic and mechatronic s...
Bewegingsherkenning van onvervormbare lichamen gebruik makend van een invariante bewegingsbeschrijvi...
Actuators for microfluidics with capillary forces
Coupled state/input/parameter estimation for automotive applications
eLiQuiD project - Design of multi-material joints/structures
Systematic Approach to CT equipment calibration.
Development of meta-models in view of vehicle energy efficiency analysis
Simulation and experimental validation of drive train loads for offshore specific conditions.
On the use of a combined numerical/experimental approach for dynamic health monitoring of mechatroni...
Optimization of mechatronics models for Electric Vehicle Systems
SHM System for Composite Aeronautic Structures using Combination of Different Methods: A Contributio...
Smart Adaprive Algorithms and Virtual Sensing Techniques for Acoustic State Estimation
Precision Ultrasonic Assisted ELID-Grinding of Advanced Materials
Active machine elements for ultra-precision applications
Advanced manufacturing technologies for ceramic materials
Assistance-as-needed for assistive robotic devices based on a real-time computation of the capabilit...
Design of tuned lightweight metamaterials for broadband sound transmission and sound absorption.
Investigation into Energy-optimal Bearing Systems: an Integrated Approach
Advanced control of complex multi-variable systems
Modelgebaseerde toestands- en parameterschatting van het hoogdynamisch gedrag van hogesnelheidsweefm...
A novel methodology for complete noise spectrum solution of combination of wave methods and ray-trac...
Vibro-Acoustic Simulation in e-motors
Numerical modelling of the cryogenic chill down facility
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) for Mechatronic Systems
System level simulation of drivetrains by advance gear contact techniques
Flow induced vibrations in smart lightweight panels
Development of an Integrated Design Environment for Energy Efficient Drive Lines in Machines
Virtual Sensing for Dynamic Wheel Force Identification
Modelling and testing of the dynamic vibration behavior of metallic structures covered with VE mater...
Adaptive and Learning OPtimal Control of Mechatronic Systems
Sensor-based Shared Control Approaches for Robot-Assisted Vitreo-retinal Surgery
Smart structures modeling and model order reduction techniques for feasible distributed active dampi...
Smart vibro-acoustic lightweight panels and structures
Advanced Optimal and Robust Design Methods for Spatial Distributed Active Damping Systems
Advanced Modelling Techniques for Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gears
Influence of Variability of natural Fibers on mechanical Properties for long short Fiber filled and ...
Development of Model Order Reduction Techniques for Mechatronic System Models in Inverse Problems
Prediction of Tire/Road Interaction to Optimize Tire/Road Noise and Rolling Resistance
Clinical translation of robot-assisted microsurgery
Dynamic Analysis of Material Systems for Enhanced System NVH Performance
Influence of Processing Conditions on the Selective Laser Sintering of Polymers
Efficient Computational Techniques for the Aeroacoustics of Wind Turbines
Virtual sensor approaches for estimating forces in transport system applications
Solving Robot Grasping Problems with Constraint-based Omptimization Methods Dissertation Proposal
Kwaliteitsverbetering bij laser additief en laster subtractief bewerken

Expertises of research team Production Engineering, Machine Design and Automation (PMA) Section :Top

- Manufacturing complex free-forms surfaces and shapes ("sculptured surfaces") - Manufactering compl...
Design and application of robot hands Tactile sensing systems Applications of shape memory alloys Ap...
Analysis and modelling of structural behaviour of components: stresses, deformations, fatigue lite e...
Modelling and experimental identification of mechatronic systems: robots and machine tools.
Expertise DESMET WIM

  • numerieke simulatie van structuurdynamische en vibro-akoestische systemen met inbegrip van s...
    Expertise LAUWERS BERT
    Advanced Manufacturing Processes: 

    • High-speed milling...
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