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Nieuw gebouw Neonatologie combineert ‘koesterende zorg’ met spitstechnologie (intensieve samenwerking tussen Neonatologie UZ Leuven (prof. G Naulaers) en ESAT-STADIUS (prof. S. Van Huffel)

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Great news from the Benelux Meeting on Systems and Control

Congratulations to Marko and Siamak.

Marko Seslija received the DISC PhD Thesis Award for his thesis entitled "Discrete geometry approach to structure-preserving discretization of port-Hamiltonian systems" (PhD thesis, RuG, 2013) (see picture)

Siamak Mehrkanoon was among the nominees for the best presentation award for his talk on "LS-SVM approximate solutions to PDEs".

icoMetrix, een reus in wording. Dirk Loeckx en Wim Van Hecke verkozen tot JCI Jonge Ondernemers van het Jaar in Vlaams-Brabant

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Bron : Ondernemers 03 / maart – Kevin Logist

Icometrix jonge ondernemer van 2014

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Bron: Laatste Nieuws

Zie ook http://www.voka.be/leuven/nieuws/2014/3/icometrix-is-jci-vlaams-brabantse-jonge-onderneming-2014/


iMinds - STADIUS - KU Leuven goes to iBoot2014

6 selected projects (iBruxism, O10TCT, teega, BUTT, iControl, NeoGuard (STADIUS) join ibootcamp iMinds in London during a series of workshops to help iMinds' researchers and external idea owners discover the potential of their idea through hands-on training & coaching.

Info on http://www.iminds.be/en/entrepreneurship/training-coaching/boot-camp and http://www.iminds.be/en/entrepreneurship/training-coaching/boot-camp/program-coaches

DNA-staal levert robotfoto op

Postdoctoraal onderzoeker Peter Claes en zijn collega’s beschrijven de techniek in een recente publicatie in PLOS Genetics. Forensische, antropologische en medische toepassingen liggen – bijna – voor de hand.

iMinds - PSI-MIC - KU Leuven

Bron: Campuskrant

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Belgische onderzoeker maakt robotfoto met DNA, De Tijd, zaterdag 22 maart 2014

3-D model links facial features and DNA
EurekAlert! (press release) | 20 March 2014

DNA could 'draw' an offender's face: First step towards creating genetic mugshots that could make catching crooks easier
Daily Mail | 20 March 2014

Genetic mugshot recreates faces from nothing but DNA
New Scientist | 20 March 2014Modeling 3D Facial Shape from DNA
PLOS Genetics | 20 March 2014

Scientists Reconstruct Faces From DNA Samples
Forbes | 20 March 2014

English see: http://www.kuleuven.be/english/news/3d-model-reconstructs-face-from-dna-sample.

Interdisciplinary Design of Pervasive Healthcare Applications (IDPHA) workshop

Dates: May 20-23 2014
Location: Oldenburg, Germany
Organising committee: with participation of prof. dr. ir. Bart Vanrumste, iMinds Medical Information Technologies

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BIOMED Workshop on Neonatal brain monitoring

Date: 17 April, 2014, from 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Location: UZ Leuven, Gasthuisberg, Auditorium ON4 04.330

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'We kunnen kanker steeds beter opsporen én bestrijden' (prof. D. Lambrechts, PI Program Funding SymBioSys )

Hoe klein België ook is, we hebben heel wat wetenschappers in huis die door hun baanbrekende onderzoek tot de wereldtop behoren. Bio-ingenieur Diether Lambrechts bijvoorbeeld, die via DNA-onderzoek de ‘genetische geheimen’ van kanker probeert te ontrafelen en zo de weg vrijmaakt voor betere preventie, snellere diagnose en efficiëntere behandelingsmogelijkheden.

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Ingenieurs en de sociale sector... een match?

Technologie voor empowerment, verhoging van levenskwaliteit, performante socialprofitorganisaties

3 conferenties over community service engineering (EU Lifelong Learning Programme) . Maak kennis met experts, ontdek en wissel ideeën uit.

Data: 3/4/2014, 21/5/2014, 4/9/2014


Inschrijven: Deelnemen is gratis maar registreren is verplicht en kan via website: www.iiw.kuleuven.be/events/cse

Uitnodiging: Download PDF (in Dutch)

Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre launched at Vlerick Business School

Feeling the pulse in healthcare.

“The health sector is the biggest employer in the country, accounting for 1 in 9 jobs. It is an important economic sector, with major pharmaceutical companies, and a very important scientific sector, since Belgian biomedical researchers are among the very best in the world.”
- Leo Neels, chairman of the Advisory Board of the VHMC

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View also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlLfPna1mVk

(source: Vlerick newsflash March issue: Partners today #5; pictures: left side: prof. Walter Van Dyck, right side: Leo Neels, Chairman of VHMC)

BIOMED workshop: 'Transforming MR spectroscopy into a clinical tool'

Date: March 13th 2- 4:30 pm
Venue: ESAT Kasteelpark Arenberg 10 room 00.62

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Prof Bart Preneel (collega in het iMinds Security Department) gelauwerd op RSA security conferentie in San Francisco

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Watch Bart Preneel’s acceptance speech upon receiving the ‘Excellence in the field of mathematics’ award

ICON calls nu geopend

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A. http://www.iminds.be/nl/onderzoek/start-een-project/icon/call-2014
deadline abstracts: April 25 12 am

B. iMInds Webinar over ICON call 2014 21 februari om 12 u.

Met haar ICON programma levert iMinds al enkele jaren een stevige bijdrage tot de digitale innovatie in Vlaanderen. ICON biedt onderzoekers en industriepartners de kans om samen te werken in een vraaggestuurd onderzoeksproject.

Hersenen hebben schakelbord dat gedrag afstemt op externe signalen

(Nerf currently collaborates with STADIUS iMinds Med IT in a FWO project)

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Journal paper of STADIUS selected as free article chosen by Editors, celebrating the International Year of Statistics 2013.

Optimized fixed-size kernel models for large data sets By K. De Brabanter, J. De Brabanter, J.A.K. Suykens, B. De Moor Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, Volume 54, Issue 6, 1 June 2010, Pages 1484-1504, has been selected as an Editors' Choice at the occasion of the International Year of Statistics.

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iBoot 2014 take your research to the Moon

Apply to join iBoot in London till Feb 24th.

iMinds Health: Digital Innovation with the Flemish Health and Care Sector

Impression of the official launch and future plans by newly appointed director Roger Lemmens.

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Hans De Canck Becomes iMinds Human Capital Manager to support researchers

Read more about Hans and his vision moving forward

Big Data kan geld opbrengen

Ingenieur Yves Moreau van de KU Leuven sleutelt binnen het consortium iMinds aan software waarmee de diagnose van zeldzame genetische ziektes gemakkelijker wordt.

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Bron: Knack .be d.d 7 Feb 2014

The Executive Board of Eindhoven University of Technology has appointed professor Sabine Van Huffel as a Distinguished professor at TU/e

The Executive Board of Eindhoven University of Technology has appointed professor Sabine Van Huffel as a Distinguished professor at TU/e from January 1, 2014 to January 1, 2018. In this capacity she is expected to visit the TU/e in order to give lectures for selected graduate students and have scientific discussions with colleagues in the field of biomedical signal processing. The joint research will be focused on neonatal monitoring.

VLHORA Studiedag Statistic Software Conference

Nieuwste trends in statistische software

Datum: 25 februari 2014
Locatie:Vlaams Parlement Brussel

keynote speaker : Jeroen Derynck, Director IT bij iMinds.

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First prize for best innovation in Serbia in 2013 for 2 alumni of STADIUS

Bogdan Mijovic and Ivan Gligorijevic (participants in the team mBrainTrain)

With their product: SMARTING, mobile EEG product which was developed by them. There were 6 finalists.

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Why ICT for health?


Biobank UZ

You share, we care

Each of you carries around a wealth of information for biomedical research, be it in your blood, your tissue, your DNA. With your consent, and of course respecting your privacy, hospitals can store some of that information in their biomedical warehouses. Well equipped biobanks enable researchers to simultaneously explore the biomedical information of whole populations, and as such develop tailored therapies. So that when you share, we can care better.



You are unique

And you deserve unique care. Thanks to advances in clinical and computational research, ‘one size fits all’ is no longer the dogma in health care. Medicine gets personal: tailored diagnosis, dedicated therapy. Unique, just like you.




ATCG: it’s your story

This is 0.003% of your DNA; ATCG: it’s your story
Your DNA tells more than you would expect from just 4 letters. And your story is a valuable story. Genomic researchers are working hard to unravel what your genes tell about your health and the treatments that suit you best. But your story is also a private story. No reading without your consent.


In the spotlight

Projects/Programmes granted @ iMinds MedicalIT


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Dit project onderzoekt de ontwikkeling van een ‘Super Coach’-app voor mensen met obesitas of zwaarlijvigheid. Deze app zal volledig geautomatiseerd alle relevante gewichtsbepalende factoren monitoren en gebruiken om een gepersonaliseerd advies te genereren. Op die manier worden gebruikers ondersteund bij het realiseren van duurzaam gewichtsverlies.


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