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Flanders’ Mechatronics Engineering Centre

Welcome to the website of FMEC (Flanders’ Mechatronics Engineering Centre) which is one of the research labs within ReMI. The research center ReMI (Reliability in Mechatronics and ICT) encompasses the laboratories of the Department of Electronic Engineering Technology of the KU Leuven-Campus Oostende. ReMI focuses on the reliable and sustainable performance of systems where electrical energy, automation, electronics, signal processing and ICT play a role. More information about ReMI?: click here.

The research lab FMEC was originally founded by prof. dr. ir. Johan Catrysse in 1984 as a knowledge centre on EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility). In 1991, this resulted into a complete EMC laboratory providing EMC support and test facilities to the industry.

As contacts with the local industry had shown that there was an increasing need for support and test facilities towards the design of highly reliable electronic systems, a close cooperation between the university college KHBO and Agoria was established in 2004. This resulted in the foundation of laboratory FMEC which focuses its research and services on "Global Reliability of Electronic Systems" comprising:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity
  • Mechanical and thermal behavior of electronic systems
  • Environmental testing and aging (e.g. Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing)
  • Risk analysis and safety in industrial applications

FMEC is part of the KULeuven Association and is closely connected to the research lab ESAT-MICAS at KULeuven.


EMC and Signal Integrity

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Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing (Research)

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Risk Analysis and Safety

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