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     Honorary Doctoral Degree for Professor Lennart Ljung and Workshop on System Identification

co-organized by the Belgian Inter University Attraction Poles PAI-V/22 (Dynamical Systems and Control) and PAI V/06 (Advanced Mechatronic Systems), the Flemish Research Community FWO-ICCoS, and the TI-genootschap BIRA

ADDED ON 18/10/2004:

On Wednesday October 13, 2004, the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven awards an Honorary Doctoral Degree to:

Professor Lennart Ljung

Professor of the chair of Automatic Control

Division of Automatic Control

Department of Electrical Engineering

Linköping University, Sweden

For this occasion, a two day workshop on ‘System Identification and Data Modeling’ will be organized on October 12-13 2004, where we will also launch K.U. Leuven - SCORES. This workshop will be co-organized by the IAP V/22, IAP V/06, ICCoS and BIRA.

Invitation: (pdf-version)

Invitation to the events at the occasion of
the Doctorate Honoris Causa
awarded by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven  to

Prof. Dr. Lennart Ljung, Linköping University, Sweden
on Tuesday October 12 and  Wednesday October 13, 2004
in Leuven. Belgium


The Academic Council of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven has decided to confer the honor of ‘Doctor Honoris Causa’ upon Prof. Dr. Lennart Ljung for his many contributions to mathematical modeling of dynamical systems,  including system identification algorithms and software for linear and nonlinear systems and for his high impact on the field, both in academia as in industrial environments.

At the same occasion, two more Honorary Degrees will be awarded, one to Manuel de Sola-Morales and one to P. Ole Fanger.

The Honorary  Degree will be awarded in a special ceremony on Wednesday, October 13, at 16.00 h in the central Promotion Hall of the K.U.Leuven (Naamsestraat 22, 3000 Leuven, Belgium), with Prof. Dr. Bart De Moor pronouncing the formal ‘laudatio’ in honor of Prof. Ljung.

For this occasion,  a two day workshop will be organized, where we will  launch K.U. Leuven - SCORES (Systems, Control and Optimization in Research, Education and Services), an interdepartmental initiative of the K.U. Leuven, to integrate all research and teaching activities in systems, control and optimization. This workshop is also co-organized by the Belgian Interuniversity Attraction Pole ‘Dynamical Systems and Control’, Belgian Interuniversity Attraction Pole ‘Advanced Mechatronic Systems’, the Flemish Research Community ICCoS, and the TI-genootschap BIRA.

The workshop starts on
Tuesday, October 12, 2004, 09.00 h and ends on Wednesday, October 13, 2004, 15.00 h (location: Faculty of Law, The Old Falcon, Tiensestraat 41, Leuven, map : 'De Valk'), after which all attendees are invited to attend the Honorary Degree Ceremony (Location: University Hall (Promotiezaal), Naamsestraat 22, Leuven, map : 'Hallen').

There will be talks by representatives from local member teams of SCORES, spin-off and other companies and invited guest speakers (including Prof. Dr. Brian Anderson, Prof. Dr. Albert Benveniste and Prof. Dr. Paul Van den Hof).

We would like to invite you to these two days of events.  Registration can be done
You can also send an email to ida.tassens@esat.kuleuven.be,  so that we can add your name to our mailing list in order to keep you up-to-date on further details.

lease forward this invitation to your colleagues and co-workers.
Bart De Moor (bart.demoor@esat.kuleuven.be)
Joris De Schutter (joris.deschutter@mech.kuleuven.be)
Jan Swevers (jan.swevers@mech.kuleuven.be)
Joos Vandewalle (joos.vandewalle@esat.kuleuven.be)
Jan Van Impe (jan.vanimpe@cit.kuleuven.be)
Geert Deconinck (geert.deconinck@esat.kuleuven.be)


Lennart Ljung received his Ph.D. in Automatic Control from Lund Institute of Technology in 1974. Since 1976 he is Professor of the chair of Automatic Control in Linköping, Sweden, and is currently Director of the Competence Center ‘Information Systems for Industrial Control and Supervision’ (ISIS). He has held visiting positions at Stanford and MIT and has written several books on System Identification and Estimation. He is an IEEE Fellow and an IFAC Advisor as well as a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA), a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), and an Honorary Member of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering. He has received honorary doctorates from the Baltic State Technical University in St Petersburg, and from Uppsala University. In 2002 he received the Quazza Medal from IFAC.

A more extended curriculum vitae of Lennart Ljung can be found here.

Programme: (pdf-version)

The presentation slides of all talks have been added. There are also pictures of the Workshop and of the Honorary Degree Ceremony. And you can also view the List of Presentation Abstracts and the List of Posters.

 Tuesday October 12, 2004

08.45 h

Welcome (presentation)

09.00 h

KUL-SCORES at ESAT-SCD and ESAT-ELECTA (abstract) (presentation: ESAT-SCD, ESAT-ELECTA)
Prof. Dr. Ir. Bart De Moor

09.45 h

Non-linear System Identification: Possibilities and Problems (abstract) (presentation)
Prof. Dr. Lennart Ljung

10.30 h

Coffee break

10.45 h

Industrial Challenges for the Identification and Control Community (abstract) (presentation)
Dr. Peter Van Overschee, Dr. Christiaan Moons, Dr. Wim Van Brempt (IPCOS)

11.30 h

Data-based modelling for learning the optimal control performance (abstract) (presentation)
Prof. Dr. Paul Van den Hof (DCSC, Delft)

12.15 h


14.00 h

KUL-SCORES at PMA (abstract) (presentation)
Prof. Dr. Joris De Schutter, Prof. Dr. Jan Swevers

14.45 h

Challenges and techniques for the observation and control of large distributed systems (abstract) (presentation)
Prof. Dr. Albert Benveniste (IRISA/INRIA, Rennes)

15.30 h

Coffee break

15.45 h

System Identification: A corner stone of structural design in the aerospace and automotive industries (abstract) (presentation)
Dr. Herman Van der Auweraer (LMS)

16.30 h

Data-driven Models in the Chemical Process Industry (abstract) (presentation)
Dr. Olaf Abel (BASF Antwerpen N.V., Automation Services)

17.15 h


 Wednesday October 13, 2004

09.00 h

KUL-SCORES at CIT/BioTeC (abstract) (presentation: part 1, part 2)
Prof. Dr. Jan Van Impe

09.45 h

Two decades of adaptive control pitfalls (abstract) (presentation)
Prof. Dr. Brian Anderson

10.30 h

Coffee break

10.45 h

Identification of linear systems with nonlinear distortions (abstract) (presentation)
Prof. Dr. Johan Schoukens

11.30 h

- Solutions of the Lennart Ljung Quiz (presentation)
- KUL-SCORES: Mission, Pilots, Associated and Industrial Partners (presentation)

12.15 h

Formal inauguration of K.U.Leuven SCORES

12.30 h

Walking lunch with:
     -  Presentation of associated and industrial partners
     -  Poster session
(List of posters)
     -  Demo sessions

14.00 h

System Identification without Lennart Ljung: what would have been different? (abstract) (presentation)
Prof. Dr. Michel Gevers

14.45 h

Coffee break

15.15 h

Move to City Center

16.00 h

‘Promotiezaal’: Honorary Degree Ceremony (Movie of Lennart Ljung)

18.00 h




Registration is closed.

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