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Moving swiftly and having fun.

Moving swiftly and having fun.

Is the literal translation of zumba. As a matter of fact it is fitness mixed with Latin- american dance steps. This combination makes zumba very dynamic. You want to give it a try: right and left, right forward, one-two-three, left foot, right foot, left over from behind, one-two-three, right foot, left foot. You prefer to do it with some extra guidance. Come join us at the zumba-sessions!

where and when

Day Time Location
Monday 8PM - 9PM KHL sporthal, danszaal
Wednesday 6PM - 7PM KHL sporthal, danszaal
Wednesday 6PM - 7PM Gymnasium - grote zaal
Wednesday 7PM - 8PM Gymnasium - grote zaal
Thursday 8.30PM - 9.30PM Gymnasium - grote zaal
Thursday 9.30PM - 10.30PM Gymnasium - grote zaal

from... till...

  • Mon 30/09 - Thu 19/12/13 
  • Mon 10/02 - Thu 03/04/14
  • Wed 23/04 - Thu 22/05/14


  • free with sports card or day card (2euro)




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In the picture

Students Jeroen D'Hoedt and Hanne Claes conquer their spot at the EC athletics! (source sporza)

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