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Sports card & fitness card

Everybody who practices sports at the University Sports Centre or who uses the sports facilities must be in possession of a personalized sports card.

With the sports card, you can ...

  • Use the gymnasiums, changing rooms, lockers, showers, etc., all free of charge;
  • Participate (for free) in introductory sessions and practices for practically any sport we offer;
  • Hire sports equipment (for free) from the doorkeeper and at the sports secretariat;
  • Use the swimming pool (for free) on the days and times when there is 'free swimming';
  • Have insurance coverage (for free) while you train at the University Sports Centre.

 To use the facilities of the fitness centre Univ-Fit, you need an extra Fitness card!

You can purchase the sports cards at the Sports Secretariat or through the new online system. If the card is lost, we will charge you 2 euro for a new one.

It is possible to get a partial refund from your health care.



Day ticket

You can buy a day ticket for € 2,00 at the doorkeeper in the De Nayer building or at the vending machine in the gymnasium. With a day ticket you can use the sports facilities for one day. The ticket is NOT valid to enter the gym.



Students card as sports card

KU Leuven students have the choice of paying this fee at the same time when they register as students. In this case, they pay the € 20,00 to the student administration, and the student administration marks their student card with 'Sportkaart' on the back to prove the student has already paid.


Sports insurance

If you have a valid sports card or day ticket, you are insured in case you have a sports accident. Print this insurance form so your doctor can fill it out during the medical consultation.




We can check your sports card at any time. Make sure to bring your card every time. If you do not have your card with you, we can refuse entrance to the site and classes.



Without a valid Sports card your Fitness card is not active! Always bring both cards when you visit Univ-Fit.




If you are a regular visitor to the University Sports Centre, we recommend that you rent a locker to prevent any theft and to store your clothes and valuables.