videoto the website of the Thematic Network "Educational and Social Integration of Persons with a Handicap through Adapted Physical Activity ". This European Network supported by the Directorate-General Education and Culture of the European Commission, will try to improve the integration of persons with a handicap by means of adapted physical activity and sports in all European countries.

In this way, this website should include all the information how in every country efforts are made to improve the integration through adapted physical activity.

This information should be directed to people with a disability and motivate her or him to start up and continue a very active involvement in adapted physical activity and sports. In this way each sportsfederation for persons with a handicap should find a place on this website to announce their information.

The second objective of this European Thematic Network is the improvement of the formation of experts in this field in which many initiatives were taken during the last years.

The foundation of the European Association for Research into Adapted Physical Activity in 1989 in Brussels was a very important step in this development. Thanks to this association, european experts have created under the impulse of late Dr T. Williams the European Master's Degree in Adapted Physical Activity coordinated by the University of Leuven. In 1992, an Intensive Programme in APA has been set up by the University of Brussels and since 1998 ISEF of Torino coordinates an European University Diploma in APA. At the national level also many initiatives were taken in each country concerning the formation of experts. This website should make it possible to bring the information concerning all these formation programmes together and of course should produce better programmes.

This website is only in the initial phase. It should develop as the central tool of communication between all the members and organisations in each European country and disseminate all useful information concerning the formation and integration aspects of Adapted Physical Activity and Sports.
It should become in this way the "European umbrella" of all organisations and formation programmes in the field of APA.

It should in this way contribute for improving the quality of life of all persons with a handicap.

At the start of the website you will find the basic information about the thematic network, as well as the information about the first meetings in Leuven (Belgium) from February 17-20, and in Oslo, (Norway) from May 10-14.

Hoping you will share our enthusiasm in realising the objectives of this so important European initiative, we invite you to participate fully on it.

Prof. H. Van Coppenolle
Prof. J.C. De Potter




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