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Mobility and KU Leuven

  • Walk: The university buildings in the city centre are located at walking distance from one another. In Leuven there are many car-free pedestrian zones.
  • Cycle: For longer distances, the bicycle is ideal. Second only to walking, it is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly mode of transport. It is also the fastest way from point A to point B in Leuven.
  • Public transport: When it’s raining cats and dogs or if you have too much luggage, you can use public transport. It’s cheap and you don’t have to look for parking space. There are even special bus lines to university campuses.
  • Private transport: It’s warm and dry in your car, but in Leuven it’s definitely not the easiest mode of transport. Parking is expensive, parking spaces are scarce and there are many one-way roads.