Ksenia's paper on regulatory network evolution published in Nature Communications! Click for link to full paper....

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 Nice drawing about Kevin's talk at the 2014 SMBE conference (drawn and tweeted by Alex Cagan; click "read more" below for link)...

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Our applied research mentioned in the New York Times science section, as well as in Popular Mechanics!   ...

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For an up-to-date list of published papers in the PubMed database, click HERE.

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Selected publications

  • J.F. Christiaens, S.E. Van Mulders, J.Duitama, C.A. Brown, M.G. Ghequire, L. De Meester, J. Michiels, T. Wenseleers, K. Voordeckers, and K.J. Verstrepen (2012).Functional divergence of gene duplicates through ectopic recombination. EMBO Rep. 13: 1145-1151  PDF
  • S.F. Undurraga, M.O. Press, M. Legendre, N. Bujdoso, J. Bale, H. Wang, S.J. Davis, K.J. Verstrepen, and C. Queitsch (2012).  Background-dependent effects of polyglutamine variation in the A. thaliana gene ELF3. PNAS 109: 19363-19367. PDF
  • K. Voordeckers, D. De Maeyer, E. van der Zande, M.D. Vinces, W. Meert, L. Cloots, O. Ryan, K. Marchal and K.J. Verstrepen (2012). Identification of a complex genetic network underlying Saccharomyces cerevisiae colony morphology. Molecular Microbiology 86: 225-239. PDF
  •  J. Steensels, T. Snoek, E. Meersman, E. Aslankoohi, J.F. Christiaens, R. Gemayel, W Meert, A.M. New, K. Pougach, V. Saels, E. Van Der Zande, K. Voordeckers, and K.J. Verstrepen (2012).  Selecting and generating superior yeasts for the brewing industry.  Cerevisia 37:63-67. PDF

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  • A. Jansen, E. van der Zande, W.Meert, G.R. Fink and K.J. Verstrepen (2012). Distal chromatin structure influences local nucleosome positions and gene expression.  Nucleic Acids Res. 1-12. PDF
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  • M. Legendre, N. Pochet, T. Pak and K.J. Verstrepen (2007). Sequence-based estimation of minisatellite and microsatellite repeat variability. Genome Research 17:1787–1796. PDF
    • Online applet to find repeats in FASTA sequences and estimate their variability.
  • E. Levdansky, J. Romano, Y. Shadkchan, H. Sharon, K.J. Verstrepen, G.R. Fink and N. Osherov (2007).  Coding tandem repeats generate genetic diversity in Aspergillus fumigatus genes. Euk. Cell. 6: 1380-1391. PDF
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  • K.J. Verstrepen, A. Jansen, F. Lewitter and G.R. Fink (2005).  Intragenic repeats generate functional variability.  Nature Genetics 37: 986-990. PDF
    • Summary of this paper from Science magazine
    • Summary of this paper published by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
    • Coverage in Belgian press (De Standaard, De Morgen)
  • K.J. Verstrepen, T.B. Reynolds and G.R. Fink (2004). Origins of variation in the fungal cell surface.  Nature Microbiol. Rev.  2: 533-540. PDF
  • K.J. Verstrepen, D. Iserentant, P. Malcorps, G. Derdelinckx, P. Van Dijck, J. Winderickx, I.S. Pretorius, J.M Thevelein and F.R. Delvaux (2004).  Glucose and sucrose: hazardous fast-food for industrial yeasts?  Trends Biotechnol. 22:531-537. PDF