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Departmental Day - Thursday 01/02/2018


If you haven't done so already, register now for our Departmental Day!

Registrations open until 25/1 at 15h!

We still have places available for the Lieven Scheire Keynote, so feel free to bring a friend (or two!), just register them through the link!

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10.00h  -  Welcome & Presentations (O&N4, 04.330)

Presentations by ZAP professors and postdocs recruited in recent years who will present their research with focus on methodology and possible collaborations they are looking for.

Presenters include prof. Vincent Pasque, prof. Frank van der Aa,  prof. 
Frederic Lluis Vinas, Ioannis, Papantoniou, prof. Joris Vriens, prof. Ben Van Calster, Ana Ortiz and prof. Lennart Scheys.

12.00h  -  Walking Lunch & Poster Session (O&N4 hall)

Researchers of the department that have submitted an abstract can present their research during a Poster Session. A delicious lunch will be provided!

13.30h  -  Selected Abstracts: Presentations & Prizes (O&N4, 04.330)

Winning abstracts selected by the departmental board present their research to the department and receive a prize.  

15.30h  -  Speed Dating & ATP Lab Visits (O&N4 Cafeteria & Labs)

Doctoral students can register for a scientific speed dating session where they can meet and interact with doctoral students from other clusters.
ATP members of the department get the chance to present their lab and  work.

17.00h  -  Break


19.30h  -  Lieven Scheire (O&N1, GA3)

Keynote ‘The Wonderful World Of Lieven Scheire – Special Relativity of Einstein’ (in English)

Join us for the Keynote of Lieven Scheire, a comedian, physicist and science communicator on stage and on TV, in Dutch and in English.

He develops and hosts TV shows, tours on stage with an English spoken scientific comedy set, and hosts events for universities and scientific or technological companies.

His mix of science and comedy are quite unique and much appreciated by the audience. He can explain science, or interview scientists, with both a thorough understanding of the topic, and witty lightheartedness.


20.30h  -  Belgian Beer reception (Alma ALO Leercentrum)


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