Academische Stichting Leuven provides financial support for research at KU Leuven. Its specific focus group are young researchers, namely doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers.

Academische Stichting Leuven encourages young researchers to gain international exposure by enabling them to give talks at international conferences, and via research grants. This exposure facilitates both external networking and international distribution of research insights.

The Stichting also issues a number of scientific awards, which further recognises research outstanding in its originality, thoroughness of approach, and /or innovative character of its results.

Academische Stichting Leuven is the publisher of the three-monthly review 'Karakter. Tijdschrift van Wetenschap'. Karakter is a multidisciplinary review where content matters, in the shape of state of the art-essays, reviewing the publication of an extra-ordinary book, a remarkable article, a landmark exposition or a noteworthy patent. It is the Stichting's contribution to the development, nurturing and distribution of science, both within and outside of KU Leuven.

Members of  Academische Stichting receive four issues of Karakter each year, and they alone may serve as referees for grant applications.

Academische Stichting Leuven is the successor to Vlaamse Leergangen Leuven. Back issues of Onze Alma Mater, the review of Vlaamse Leergangen Leuven, may be consulted







Karakter Nr. 67 - 2019

Nr. 67 of Karakter 2019 is published!



Interview Campuskrant

Interview prizewinner ASL-Prijs voor Biomedische Wetenschappen

Interview prizewinner ASL-Prijs voor Wetenschap & Technologie

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