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The principles of truth and honesty are considered as fundamental to a community of scholars. The reliability of scientific outcomes can be ensured by a collective dialogue with colleagues and peers.  Integrity principles such as proper data management, integrity of authorship, correct citing of peers, mentioning acknowledgements, e.o.  are fundamental for all scientists. The KU Leuven expects both senior and junior researchers to honour these principles, and in so doing, to  protect and maintain the high international recognition of our research and our institution.

Therefore, research integrity has become an integral part of the institutional research policy. Our objective is clear: the research at KU Leuven should meet the highest standards and correct scientific behaviour is the norm at KU Leuven.

Prof Liliane Schoofs
Vice Rector of Research Policy


to define

the scope of the ‘integrity policy’ versus ethical concerns, such as privacy, dual use or animal testing. For each of these topics , KU Leuven has elaborated specific procedures and structures.

to inform

the internal research community within KU Leuven about the institutional integrity policy, with particular attention for our internal culture of integrity, which has always strongly contributed to our international recognition.

to communicate

about our institutional procedure for integrity issues. Complaints about research behaviour are systematically investigated by the Commission on Research Integrity (CRI).This is done in a professional way, taking into account the rights and duties of all parties involved.