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Arts, Religion & Culture

Building on the strengths of its long history, KU Leuven promotes high-level research on the functions, principles and historical development of a wide range of human cultural practices. We aim to contribute to a maximal articulation of the true complexity of human activity and purpose by disclosing the rich detail and the historical dynamics of the diverse systems of signification with which humans transmit their concern for the world, including language, religion, philosophy, traditions of community formation and fine arts. 

Leading researchers study ancient and modern cultural production from across the globe, ranging from the earliest cuneiform scripts to 21st-century graphic novels, from ancient and medieval philosophy and theology to contemporary phenomenology and postmodern pastoral, and from local cultural heritage like illuminated manuscripts and Flemish art to Roman settlements in Asia Minor and art & design interventions in contemporary public space. Our researchers use the most advanced tools available, or indeed design these tools themselves, in cooperation with experts from science & technology—but for many the laboratory of choice is still the library.

  1. Archeology
  2. Architecture
  3. Cultural heritage
  4. Arts & Culture
  5. History & Culture
  6. Language & Literature
  7. Religion


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