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Economy, Law & Society

In a context of increasing Europeanisation and globalization, questions about economic welfare, citizenship, justice, security, state intervention and democracy become ever more interwoven. KU Leuven researchers tackle these issues, performing high-level interdisciplinary and internationally oriented research at all societal levels. In doing so, they not only provide the necessary scientific support for our political leaders to deploy appropriate measures. By engaging stakeholders in their research, they also make sure that society as a whole can adapt to its altering surroundings.

KU Leuven research shows a very wide variety in topics. Whether investigating, for example, global governance or family relationships, the domestic or European labour market, media hypes or conflict intervention, all research topics contribute to a better understanding of local, regional, national and international constellations in which people live together. To do so in the most appropriate, yet innovative way, our researchers apply both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, they construct their own data sets and methodological tools and they perform fieldwork, consequently substantiating their scientific hypotheses and their recommendations towards society.

  1. Economics, markets and innovation
  2. Global politics and Economies in transition
  3. Governance: tools and management
  4. Family & population
  5. Citizenship & democracy
  6. Law & Restorative Justice
  7. Society & technology


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