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Bio-sciences & Environment

The knowledge about biological processes and their evolution within the wider scope of our living environment have increased dramatically during the last decades. Studies on microbes, lower animal species and plants have contributed substantially to the scientific insights in basic processes of life as well as to biological techniques to improve production processes and human food. Yet, the balance between vulnerable biological processes related to e.g. natural biotopes or food production on the one hand and current environmental evolutions on the other, is of utmost importance for the quality and sustainability of future life. 

In addition, studies on a global scale repeatedly show that human activities are seriously threatening biological species and finally also the quality of our environment, going from very small scale level to global issues such as climate change. It raises questions about sustainability of our living environment and particularly about the organization of societal choices about mobility, housing, spatial planning and societal organization in general. 

  1. Ecology and Evolution
  2. Microbes & Yeast 
  3. Alternative Animal Models
  4. Plant & Food Science
  5. Sustainability & Climate
  6. Human Environment


Facilities and valorisation in Bio-sciences & Environment