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Matter, Materials & Energy Technologies

Matter, Materials & Energy technologies are related to each other as ‘mass’ is equivalent to ‘energy’ in Einstein’s formula. Complex molecules, often chemically synthesized and purified to achieve materials with specific characteristics, are key for innovative applications in many areas, such as information technology, transport, energy, medicine, construction, … to name only a few. 

At KU Leuven, advanced materials research benefits tremendously from the wide range of multidisciplinary expertise in physics, nanosciences, and chemistry. The variety of studied materials is extended: metals and alloys, structural and functional ceramics, composites, polymers, building materials, biomaterials, functional coatings, rare earths, catalytic materials, … etc

The production of materials has always had a substantial environmental impact, which now asks for more energy efficient and less polluting technologies. Yet, research in recycling of materials and improved energy efficiency, including renewable energy technologies, have put our university on the international forefront within these domains. 

  1. Energy technology
  2. Innovative Biomaterials
  3. Innovative Materials
  4. Innovative Recycling
  5. Material Building Blocks
  6. Material Characteriazation 
  7. Nanoscience & Catalytic Science


Facilities and valorisation in Matter, Materials & Energy Technologies