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Nature Unlimited

Under the heading Science4Science, a number of exceptional projects is listed. These projects have two common characteristics: they support the scientific progress in and even beyond their own domain and they have an outspoken international orientation. Some of these projects represent the participation in large research facilities such as ESRF and CERN, while other projects offer theoretical models for generic approaches such as numerical integration and optimization, multiscale simulations, uncertainty quantification, etc… 

Space experiments may offer extremely challenging circumstances which may serve as test environment as well as objective. In the past KU Leuven participated in several microgravity experiments in order to test existing theories in biology and physics. Researcher in astronomy use the extraterrestrial environment ‘as an objective’, both for exploration of the universe and for further research on spatial processes.

  1. Mathematics & Computing
  2. Physics
  3. Space research


Facilities and valorisation in Nature unlimited