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The Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) is the most important funding agency at the national (Flemish) level, financing researchers, projects and infrastructure. Other agencies such as Kom op tegen Kanker, Stichting tegen Kanker, Koning Boudewijnstichting, … provide funding for specific research topics.

In addition, the Belgian and Flemish government provide subsidies for research related to policy relevant topics: Belspo programmes and Flemish policy research centres. For research in close collaboration with industrial partners, the Flanders innovation and Enterpreneurship agency (VLAIO) subsidizes several programmes.

Are you a ku leuven researcher?

Looking for a personal fellowship, or a travel grant? Do you need funding for a research project or for infrastructure? Explore the variety of national funding programmes on our internal web page, and find the appropriate scheme for your research.

for KU Leuven researchers

not a ku leuven researcher (yet)?

If you are interested to start a PhD or postdoc, you may apply for a fellowship financed by FWO or other national funding agencies together with a KU Leuven supervisor. Contact our team or a KU Leuven professor with expertise in your research topic to explore your options!

Personal funding schemes


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KU Leuven has obtained 49,13 % of the awarded budget for FWO projects 2016 for fundamental research. 


More good news: KU Leuven has obtained 55% of the awarded SB-fellowships of the FWO. 


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