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YouReCa (Young Researchers’ Careers)

Are you already a KU Leuven young researcher?

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Our young researchers are tomorrows’ young professionals, pursuing careers in all areas of occupation. YouReCa aims to provide support beyond the research, assisting our highly qualified young researchers to develop themselves into well-rounded professionals.

YouReCa achieves this by organising a broad range of training courses, offering career support and stimulating mobility.

All our PhD researchers, postdocs and tenure track professors can participate in YouReCa initiatives.

Training courses

Career support


Financial and practical support for mobile researchers.

Grassroots initiatives

Are you a (young) researcher organising an initiative for other young researchers? YouReCa may be able to offer you financial support. Contact the Doctoral School for more information.

YouReCa in Flanders

Together with the other Flemish universities, YouReCa has established a number of high-end training networks.