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Student Insurance and Health Insurance

Student insurance

All students are insured by KU Leuven for the following matters :

  • student accidents; doctoral students with a doctoral scholarship that is subject to social security are covered by the accident insurance as an employee for work-related accidents
  • third-party liability for study-related matters
  • professional liability
  • non-EEA students have to subscribe upon registration to the third-party liability insurance for private life and pay €15; EEA students may subscribe to this insurance plan; this insurance covers the entire family of the student

KU Leuven itself does not provide health insurance. Below, you will find more details about health insurance and affiliating with a Belgian health insurance company.

Health insurance

All residents in Belgium, Belgian nationals or otherwise, are required by law to be covered by a health insurance policy. It is also in your own best interest. Without insurance coverage, the cost of medical care can quickly spiral out of control. For instance, a single night's stay in the hospital can cost up to €400, not including treatment or medicine.

A standard health-insurance policy will reimburse about 75% of the cost of a doctor's visit, medication, and hospitalisation. The information below is grouped according to specific categories. Please click on the link that applies to your particular situation.

Visiting Scholars / Fellows

KU Leuven provides an insurance package designed especially for visiting scholars.