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"To understand the role of LOKO some background information has to be given: In Belgium the government made the choice to include students in all organs that deter-mine the university and country-wide policies concerning higher education. In Leuven, it is LOKO, the student body council that acts as a representative of all students and student unions of the KU Leuven in all organs deciding on policies ranging from social issues to education. In this extend, LOKO is able to contribute to all the policies in order to make sure that the interests of the students are protected and that important issues are resolved quickly. Within LOKO, three departments are dealing with Sport, Culture and International matters.

The role of LOKO INTERNATIONAL  within LOKO is to represent the growing share of international students in our student population. Therefore, LOKO International represents international students in civic authorities, city matters and in university meetings concerning foreign students or international programs in order to stand up for your interests. Our main goal is to make life for international students in Leuven as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Next to LOKO, a whole range of STUDENT FACULTY UNIONS  exist representing students towards the different faculties. LOKO acts as an umbrella organisation and coordinates their actions by regularly gathering their representatives. This also prevails for the international representatives of the different faculty student unions that are gathered on a monthly basis in the LOKO International work meeting together with the presidents of INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATIONS and the Assembly for International Students (AFIS)."


Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Faculty of Canon Law

  • English website:  Canonika
  • Email:


Institute of Philosophy

  • NFK (Nieuwe Filosofische kring) Dutch & English website
  • Facebook

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Economics and Business

  • Ekonomika international:Ekonomika is the faculty circle for the students of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the KU Leuven. Ekonomika is present in every possible aspect of the student life. With the biggest parties, the coziest cantuses, the most interesting career events, and so much more, Ekonomika offers something for everyone. Our motto: because being a student involves more than just studying.


Faculty of Arts

  • Koco International : Koco International is an international umbrella organization for all the student bodies at the Faculty of Arts. We organize social activities for both student groups and try to bridge the gap between international and Belgian students.If you like to have more information or join our activities, you may send an e-mail.  For our latest news you can subscribe for our weekly newsletter and become our friend on Facebook (Koco Int) Email:
  • Eoos, Union for students in Language and Regional Studies
  • Babylon, Union for students in Linguistics and Literature
  • Alfa, union for students in Archaeology (Dutch website)
  • Historia, union for students in History (Dutch website)
  • Mecenas union for students in Art History ( Dutch website)
  • Musicologica union for students in Musicology (Dutch website)

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

  • Scientica, Umbrella Organization for the Faculty of Sciences Email:
  • Bios Union for Biology Students
  • Chemika Union for Chemistry Students (Dutch only)
  • Geos Union for Geology Students
  • Merkator Union for Tourism Students 
  • Wina Union for Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Students

Faculty of Engineering Science

  • VTK Union for the Students of Engineering
  • VTK BEST Board of European Students of Technology

Faculty of Bio-science Engineering

  • LBK Union for Bio-science engineering

Biomedical sciences

  • Apolloon union for students in kinesiology and rehabilitational sciences
  • Apollonia union for students in dentistry
  • Medica union for students of medicine and biomedical sciences (Dutch only)
  • Farmaceutica union for students in pharmaceutical sciences 


National & Regional Associations

Thematic Associations