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Before departure

Before departure to Leuven all international students/guests are advised to reserve a guestroom for a few nights or a week unless they have made clear arrangements to move into a permanent room. Even if you manage to visit KU Leuven Housing Service immediately upon arrival, it will not always be possible to move into a permanent room the same day.

  • The price of a guestroom can vary from a low budget room with basic comfort in a youth hostel or in a university guesthouse, to a more expensive room in a hotel or B&B accommodation.
  • International students/guests should make sure to book a reservation in advance!


As the guesthouses, hostels and hotels in Leuven are almost fully booked for the coming weeks, we recommend you to consult and search for temporary guesthousing in the neighboring cities (Brussels, Mechelen, ...).

University guesthouses

All guests who have a connection with the KU Leuven Association can book a room in one of the KU Leuven guesthouses. It is recommended to make your reservation as soon as possible since we are often fully booked many weeks or even months in advance. Especially for longer stays (more than one week) and at the beginning of the academic year this will be necessary.

Depending on the time of the year, we have two available guesthouses.

More about university guesthouses 


Most students stay in the youth hostel or another hostel for a few nights whilst searching for a permanent room. Please note that especially around September and before the start of the 2nd semester hostels can by fully booked rather soon.

Leuven youth hostel De Blauwput

Other hostels in Leuven

All youth hostels in Flanders




Other guesthousing in Leuven

There is also a wide range of guesthousing in the city of Leuven (hotels, B&Bs, ...). 


Private housing

Some landlords on the private housing market offer short term housing. The rental period can be several weeks or several months. This offer is published in under the rental term 'for a short term - renting from a landlord'.